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Carnival - CD Album

Assembling a CD album:

Create your pages digitally using a template, once you do that, you will need your printed out pages, scissors, mod podge, ring, and CD/DVD discs (and embellishments such as buttons and ribbons if you prefer). Print out your pages on Glossy Photographic Paper, this is what I use for vibrant colours (if you go for matte paper or any cheaper alternative DO NOT use mod podge as it will warp the pages and make your life difficult, use double sided tape instead). Cut out your pages using scissors or a craft knife.

IMG_3364 IMG_3366

Before adding your album pages to the disc, scratch it a little if possible, just to help the glue stay in the disc which has such a smooth surface. Apply a thin layer of mod podge and place your pages one by one, doing your best to align front and back designs.

IMG_3368 IMG_3370  

After you have all your pages done and BEFORE you start embellishing, mark the hole locations on your pages and punch them with the crop a dile. If one is not accessible you can ask hubby or someone to drill the holes for you (crop a dile is way easier though, I know from experience!).


I prefer to punch my holes on the sides. I am not comfortable with my other two albums that I have punched at the top, because I have created matching designs for the facing pages, but they don't sit next to each other. If you punch the holes on the sides than your album will read like a book.

After the holes are punched you just need to add a ring and some embellishments. I have left space on my album for real embellishments, including space for the title, but off course you can do all of that digitally and have the album ready as soon as you adhered the pages to the discs :)

Here is my finished project:








Hybrid Magic no 26 - CD Album Template 
Fresh Lemonade - spinning rides 
American Craft Thickers (alpha)
Doodlebug  buttons and ribbons (except big button in the cover by Fancy Pants)

Hope you enjoyed this hybrid feature :)

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connierendon said...

awesome idea!!!

8/16/2009 3:50:55 PM

MinnieMe98 said...

what a fabulous album...great job!!! :)

10/29/2009 11:45:42 AM

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