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Learnings on Photography

One of my elective subjects last semester was Basic Photography. My professor taught us several theories and techniques about the field. At the end of the term, we were asked to make reflections about the whole experience. I decided to write my essay on a draft form before finally typing it. If my memory serves me right, I was sitting on a big generous tree then, facing a stream which looks like more of a pacified river.

Framing was one of those I learned first. Knowing which to focus and which to include in the image is an important element of a good shot. There was this term called rule of thirds where the subject could be seen at the left, middle, or right side of the picture. We were also taught how to blur the background of the subject. I first used three yellow bells dropped on the floor. I focused on the middle flower and tried to blur the rest.I also once experimented on the view of the sunset. It was breathtaking and definitely a sight to behold. I have a hard time handling the shutter speed and other parts of the SLR camera. But after a while, I became more acquainted to the functions and keys. I even remember cramming to finish my research paper because I spent a lot of time on my photography lessons. If only the field is not that costly, I would have became a freelance photographer—which is a good mix with freelance writing as well. Oh, I could make my own magazine if I am able to learn graphics design,too.

Attention to details, colors, background check, and knowing one's subject are some of the things that I found relevant in the field. No matter how good or expensive your camera is, 'it is still all in the head'. Since then, I tried collecting my shots, put them on a photo portfolio, and captioned them creatively.


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