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I just thought of this, so please don't laugh

There once was a woman who owned a scrapbook store. She was standing at her counter one day when, a young lady, she guessed to be aged at about 18 came into her store she guessed that this lady was about 71/2 months pregnant. This lady came in, said hello, and went into the baby aisle. She was looking for things to put on her newest page, on her recent visit to the doctor's office. She picked up some things, counted the items in the basket, reached in her pocket, counted how much money she had, and put a package of stickers back. Then the lady went into the next aisle. The store owner walked up to the place the woman was standing, andpicked up the pictures that she had put down. She walked back to the counter just as the lady was. 'Hi, I don't have very much money, and if my purchase comes to anything more, I'll just put it back.' 'Alright' was all the store owner said. She rang the things in, which consisted of a sheet of stickers, a piece of paper, and a stamp that said 'It's A Boy' in Bradley Hand ITC font. 'The total purchase comes to $2.97, please' the store owner said. The woman handed her a toonie and a loonie. 'Keep the change' she said, waving her hand, as the store owner handed her three pennies. 'Thanks' she said 'Alright, here's your things, and here's something for being my 100th customer.' and handed the lady a bag with the stickers in it. The lady looked in her bag. She looked away. Looking back, she said to the owner 'You didn't have to.' with tears in her eyes. ' It's just one Random Act of Kindness to another' she said. 'Still' 'Just go out and get in your car, and stop worrying about it!' 'Thank you, you did not have to do that' 'I know' 'Thank you' and the woman put a loonie in the 'Leave a pennie, Take a pennie' jar. Then the woman walked out the door, never to be seen by the store owner again.

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justjen73 said...

I loved LOVED reading this! Now why in the world would anyone laugh at this? I think it's great!

2/21/2010 12:13:37 AM

otability said...

love it!

5/28/2010 12:25:26 PM

Tam2 said...

makes ya smile & think about ways that you can make another's day!

6/5/2010 7:21:34 AM

irisz said...

it's just so sweet!

7/27/2010 10:36:49 PM

tarads said...

Loved it. How sweet. What goes around comes around.

12/30/2010 6:14:40 PM

lagredano said...

Well did you think of the scenerio, or did this really happen? Because I think it is very cute! It shows that we humans actually still have a "heart" down deep inside. She made a huge difference by giving something so small back to the pregnant girl. This small gesture meant a lot to the girl, and goes to show that money is not everything. You can really make someone's day by choosing to do a small act of kindness, and not only make yourself feel better, but a complete stranger in time of need! It kind of reminds me of me a few weeks back, I had a terrible cold. My hubby at work and my atm was lost so I had no means for $$$$. I only had 7$ in my wallet. Ran to the little store down the street from my house. I took my toddler with me. She wanted a drink and small bag of Cheetos. I picked up the most generic of generic cold/flu pack with 12 pills. In all. It rang up to $8.25. and I was just gonna put the medicine back and wait for hubby to get home. I felt embarrassed about not having enough. The lady that had previously paid for her items, was still packing a few of her things in her cart when she heard me tell the gal at the register to just put the medicine back. Just as I was leaving, the cashier gave me the medication, and she said it was from the lady packing her things. I felt so bad! I told her no that I was ok, and she came and said to me, "huny it is just $1.25, so I took out the money I had, and she said, "No, keep it". You need to get home and get some rest. I told her that it was too much for her to pay, and the lady who was working the register said, she got it. And I said I did not understand? She then explained, I put in the seven dollars for you, and the lady bagging her stuff paid the 1.25 you needed for your med. Apparently, the manager allows each employee a credit for 2 small items every month on something they may need. If they do not use it, they lose. And since the (lady working the register) had not used her remaining monthly credit allowance (I think she said they get 10 a month to use on anything except liquor and cigareetes), so she gave it to me, and the other customer that was finishing packing her things put in the last 1.25 so that I could het it. I felt like moron, but again I thanked GOD that there are still good people out in the world who do little things like this to help a complete stranger! I told them I could pay them back. They both told me tha the best way to pay them back, is to help another person in need if I am able to do so. I thought that was soooo sweet!!!

9/16/2011 4:49:31 PM

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