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Hermes handbag

Hermes handbag officially changed its name to its production “Kelly bag.” Saddle bag from the  Hermes handbag was already 28 cm, 32 cm and 35 cm in three models, 1968, “mini - Kelly “debut in 1980.

” Kelly bag “series, with the addition of new 40 cm. So far, evening dressesHermes love Mashikaili package are the best-selling hand Bag. Should be one that.

Hermes handbag made their production has also inherited the tradition of sewing from start to finish by one person, and marked with numbers. This in order to facilitate the repair of both the customerslinks lodnon, but also reflect the craftsman’s pride in their craft.

“The world where there is no fixed dress patterns, only the GHD Straightenersspontaneous open-minded personality side by showing Hermes founded Invisible Target.” Hermes  Men’s fashion designer veronique nichanian says.

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