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Shoe year in the snow world

Boots ,boots in snow weather is prom Gowns very hot, it is the curture of color, the clean snow will show the beauty of the black or the other color of your shoes,  a wonderful sence.

This season, but also the use of blue  evening dressesand white stripes with black velvet with a sense of elements links of london such as changes in wrinkles, and tie-dyed wool material made from oversize pieces with the cut .

Yamamoto has also brought the trend of this season trends such as multi-level, the proportion of play clothes, dark lines cut and color combinations.

Show some of the excellent wind Clothing surely will soon be hot items this season there was virtually no part of the dinner service type work. Although Yamamoto is a similar set of images of men Lord.

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12/5/2010 9:06:39 PM

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