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About CoCo Chanel

CoCo Chanel, founder of formerly “Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel”, 1883, was born in France’s Auvergne. Chanel Chanel six years old when my mother passed away, his father even leave her and four other brothers and sisters.

Since then, Chanel by her aunt care for adults, a child admitted to convent school (Convent School), and there learned first-hand sewing skills.

In her Nianer years old, that is, in 1905, she became a “coffee shop singer” (Cafe singer), and played a stage name “Coco”, in different music clubs and cafes prom Gowns sing-song living.

Duringlinks of london  this showgirl career, Chanel has to meet two old customers and become their lover, confidante, a British industrialist, the other a wealthy officer. To meet dignitarieslinks of london , so Chanel Chanel have the economic ability to open their own shop in the child.

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