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Sometimes prom Gowns we can like someting and become crazy of it, chanel is one of them.

CHANEL09 spring and summer clothing fashion a large series of This season, Karl - Karl Lagerfeld from the Nordic symbolism of the paintings painter Vilhelm Hammershoi be inspired to invite supermodel Heidi Mount.

He is personally in charge of the CHANEL 09 large spring and summer clothing series of ads, with white, gray and soft, cool colors, links of london quiet interior as well as the pure atmosphere, physical surroundings to create a pieces of a mysterious picture.

Golden evening dresses Globes red-carpet favorite actress Chanel ,The 66th U.S. Film and Television, Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, California, Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. Altar, the star-studded, and they all invariably chose Chanel as their eye-catching weapons.

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coolssbags said...

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5/25/2010 11:05:48 PM

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