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9-10 CT "Facebook Challenge"


We often use technology to store and backup our photos and ideas. But are you backing up some of the documentation you only have on line? I know I use Facebook to record a lot of the funny things my kids say. But am I saving that stuff anywhere else? 

Make a page or a tag using a facebook, twitter, myspace, message board post or e-mail. 
Post it in the gallery! 

If you post it in the gallery and use the link to your facebook or twitter account - get entered in to win the prize 2 times! 

4/2/2010 8:40:06 PM | Comments (1) | Send a Message (PeaMail) | Vote for this Challenge

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jeaniebnieva said...

i can't figure out how to link my entry so i am putting it here..

4/3/2010 9:45:58 AM

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