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crafty thoughts by peg manrique...(sassafras dt super)


none of us at sassafras are psychologists, technically. nonetheless we strongly believe that keeping your crafty thoughts all bottled up inside can put serious kinks in your artistic prowess! so we've decided to do our part by being a friendly ear for anyone with inspiration and ideas to share.

it turned out that our lovely dt super Peg Manrique was bursting at the seams with crafty thoughts.  and we are so happy she was. check out these great tips and breathtaking projects peg shared!:


"I've always been inspired & drawn to fonts and typography.  But lately I've taken it a step further and started using dingbat fonts on my projects.  Like any font website, the possiblities are endless.  I have so many of these sites saved and reference them alot!  Mostly when I'm stuck for inspiration or just need a fresh "something" on a project.  The dingbat fonts are cool because they can be enlarged or shrunk down, depending on what you're using them for."

Dingbat card1 
we love the fresh look and gorgeous color palette peg created for this card using nerdy bird sweet treats and discover paper from apple jack!


"On these projects, I enlarged the font to a 350pt (the trees) and 500pt (the circly graphic) so they could become the main focus of the projects.  I find it so much easier to start with a cool dingbat, print it out on clean, white paper and then embellish with all the fun sass stuff to finish it off.  On my projects I made two cards and a layout, but really you could go crazy, using the dingbats on just about anything."

Race ya 
this layout is so striking...can't you just picture it being displayed on a wall or mantle? and yet so simple to create....a dingbat, a couple of brads, glitter alphas, and a flag banner sticker and there you have it. 

"Here's the ones I used for these projects: 

botarosa, found here:

cropcircles, found here:

wm trees, found here:

so if you're ever stuck for ideas, pick out a cool dingbat, print it on a blank piece of cardstock and be inspired :)


Dingbat card2 
um.....can you say brilliance?!  brilliant colors, brilliant design, and definitely a card worth treasuring always.  cherry delicious blushing paper with a dash of spring sprig

thank you peg for being such an inspiration!  i am already giddy to start checking out those dingbats and bringing some fresh ideas to life. 

is anyone else inspired to share some crafty thoughts or projects of their own?  we'd love to see!

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