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tutorial with kay rogers...


you know that nasty little virus that hovers around you, just waiting to attack at the most inopportune moment imaginable? you know the one. it goes by many names. Dry Spell, Rough Spot, Brain Freeze. it's when you finally get some time to work on something're so excited....and so you sit down, you look at your supplies, you look at your photos...and you might as well be looking into a black hole because you are drawing a total blank. a complete and sudden lack of creativity. it's so maddening!  well never fear my dearies because the next time you're in a pickle like that, you will be able to look back on today's blog post and remember the words of the wise and talented miss kay rogers, who brings you today's tutorial:
"Sometimes I struggle with the creative process. I’m not sure if it’s lack of time, lack of mojo, or a little of both. Here is my recipe for pushing through a creativity roadblock.
I like to create a layout with blocking. Simply put, I create a large square or rectangle with papers and photos. I always start with 4x6 photos, and crop out the stuff I don’t need. I then decide on the placement of the photos."
"To pick coordinating papers, my method is to lay the pictures directly on the patterned papers. If they look good ON the paper, they will look good NEXT TO the pictures as well. Once I decide on the papers, I cut them to fit in the spaces next to the photos."
"Then I try to create a break between the photos. I like the border stickers or paper borders for this task."
"Finally I add the title and the journaling. I almost always set it off the patterned papers to keep it from looking too uniform or square."
Final project:
"What I’ve found is creating breeds more creating. In other words, once I start, I come up with more ideas and find the enjoyment. I hope my cure for a lack of creativity can help jumpstart yours!"
thank you kay! great advice for helping someone snap out of the dreaded craft freeze...and what beautifully inspiring projects. we always love your whimsically decadent style around these parts! here are a few more fantastic projects by kay rogers.....
till next time!
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vlsatwp93 said...

My first blog post ever! I love the way you pulled paper colors out of the colors in your photos. I do that myself when I'm stuck.

5/5/2010 2:20:46 PM

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