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Crafty Tip: Efficient paper trimming and scoring


As recently posted on my personal blog:


I thought I would share a few things I do when I need to cut multiple pages or cards and want to make percise and consistent cuts or score lines.

  • The supplies I use are: a paper trimmer with a swing out arm, 2 Binder clips and a piece of scrap cardboard that is slightly thicker than the cardstock. I used the back cardboard for the last DCWV stack I purchased
  • If the measurement falls on the swing out arm, I clip a binder clip on the arm from the inside, lining up the inside edge of the clip at the measurement I need to cut or score. In this case, I lined the clip up at 5.5". Slide your cardstock against the edge of the binder clip and then cut or score.
  • If the measurement falls on the main part of the paper trimmer, I use a shim made out of cardboard. Using a piece that is thicker than the cardstock I am cutting allows the cardstock to butt up against the shim easily. The medium binder clips I use do not have very deep reach but are big enough to clip onto the shim and trimmer just fine. I lined up the edge of the shim in this demo at the 4.25" trim/score line. Rule of thumb: The smaller the measurement, the wider the shim. I secure the shim to the trimmer using at least 2 binder clips to secure the shim in place.
  • With the shim set in place, you can set up a pretty quick assembly line. Using these simple tips will help you with accurate measurements and consistent cards or pages. This tip helps most when making pages for my mini albums.

I hope you find this tutorial/tip useful. Feel free to trackback and leave comments. HAPPY CRAFTING!


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