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My mom....

I got off the phone with my mom about Amanda's baby shower and just cried.....I told her about the shower and asked if she could help and make the punch....Her response to me was that she was going to pass this time.  I told her since her first grandchild was having a baby I thought maybe she would want to be apart of it.  She repeatedly told me no and she did not want to discuss it...but to send her an invitation and she would try to work it into her schedule....I could not believe my ears.  I then told her that I would let her go.....and started to cry...

Your dad told me that was what I should expect from her.  He told me she has been a lousy grandmom and why should I expect anything diiferent from her now.  I feel as though I set myself up for this... My biggest fear is that I will become like her.  Your dad reassures me that will not happen....
Anyways...I am really saddened by all of this....just when I thought my mom was different, she proves me wrong......

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