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Designer Spotlight: Guiseppa Gubler

So, I was thinking a few of you might be wondering where I got my name. It is from a Danish grandmother, but is originally Italian. Word on the street is that my great grandfather painted an Italian with the name of Guiseppa.  We think there was a little love affair going on there. He then named all of his kids with the middle name of Guiseppa. I guess having an unusual name has rubbed off on me because I am not afraid to be different. I am fun, out going and I love to laugh! This wonderful hobby has helped me to stretch my creative imagination....I have got to live up to my name, different, ya know!

Guiseppa G Loves1

Guiseppa G Loves2

Guiseppa G Loves3

Q: What is your favorite Fancy Pants product?
A: I would have to say all of the patterned papers. I am a collector of patterned paper and every time Fancy Pants comes out with a new collection, I have to run out and get them.
Q: How long have you been scrapbooking?
A: I have been scrapbooking for over 14 years. I have been around the scrapping block a time or two. I have seen it all.  Boy has the industry changed. I keep wondering what they will come up with next and it always blows me away!
Q: What are some goals you have for yourself, scrap-related or personal?
A: I hope to continue designing. I am in love with it and it has been so much fun. I also want to continue publishing my projects. There is nothing like seeing my hard work in puts a smile on my face!
Q: What is the most unique topic/photos that you have scrapbooked?
A: I have scrapbooked a picture of a toilet. Yes, weird, but in my defense the layout was about a childhood fear.....let's leave it at that.
Q: What do you listen to or watch while scrapbooking?
A: I love to listen to music while I scrap. I usually have Pandora on and the station I usually select is Shakira Radio. Let's just say it keeps me going. I have even been known to break out into dance when an awesome scrapbooking idea comes to my head. That is where Shakira Radio kicks in, hehe!
Q: What time of day do you usually scrapbook and where?
A: My kids are at school during the day, so I usually scrapbook during the day. I have a scrapbook room/office I share with my hubby. With all of the scrapbooking supplies I have, I have nearly booted him out. He has a cubby hole in the closet...that is it. He gives me a hard time about it, oh well!
Q: What are some other hobbies you enjoy?
A: When I am not scrapping, I am spending time with my family. We enjoy camping, hiking, four wheeling and fishing. You are bound to see some layouts with those types of pictures on them....stay tuned!

-Guiseppa Gubler

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