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Fancy This: Paper Poinsettia Accent

We recently spent time doing one of our favorite things—putting up our Christmas tree! We have all kinds of little traditions that go along with this each year at our house, and this year, my husband asked each of us what our favorite part of that tradition is for each of us. It was fun hearing what everyone had to say as we strung the lights on the tree! I put this fairly simple layout together making note of what everyone said.

The poinsettia flower on this layout was inspired by the ribbon poinsettias for this wreath diy that I pulled last year to put together one of these days. I haven't had the chance to make it yet, but it's still on my list! I just made a few modifications to adjust for using paper.


Supply List:
Fancy Pants Supplies:
Tradition: Shimmer Paper
Tradition: Wrap It Up Paper
Tradition: Holiday Sentiments Paper
Tradition: Finishing Touch Paper
Traditions: Rub ons
Tradition: Buttons and Brads
Traditon: Alpha Stickers
Tradition: Element Stickers
Tradition: Trim
Tradition: Glitter Cuts


We'll need a few supplies and tools to create this poinsettia:

wire cutter
floral wire
liquid adhesive
favorite ink
brads (or buttons)
glitter glue (optional)
1- 2 1/2"x12" strip of red paper (I used Tradition: Finishing Touch Paper)
1- 2" x 12" strip of green paper (I used Tradition: Shimmer Paper)

Poinsettia Flower Assembly Directions:
1. Starting with the 2 1/2" x 12" red strip of paper, cute four pieces on the diagonal as pictured. (I initially cut three, but added an extra to make the flower fuller.)LeahF_step1

2. Ink all of your edges with your favorite ink, remember you should have four strips instead of three.LeahF_step2

3. Pinch each of the strips together in a sort of accordion fold.LeahF_step3

4. Gather all of the strips together and pinch in the middle.LeahF_step5

5. Wrap the center with floral wire, then clip with wire cutters.LeahF_step6

6. Adjust your petals. I pinched the top and bottom petals closed more to create a better circle.

7. Ready to add the center.

8. Clip the back off of a corduroy brad.

9. Adhere to the flower with liquid adhesive.

10. To assemble the leaves, take out the green strip of 2"x12" paper. Cut two roughly 4 1/2" strips.

11. Fold one corner over as pictured.

12. Fold the other corner over as pictured to create a sort of house shape.

13. Accordion fold the house shape.

14. Do a bunch of scrunching and adjusting until you get a shape that you like.

Attach to your layout using your favorite strong, fast drying adhesive. I attached my flower first, and then the leaves underneath. Now you have your very own poinsettia! These would be fun to create a small bouquet of as well!

-Leah Farqharson

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