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Fancy This: Pencil Cup

It is a new year! Time to clean out the old and get organized! It is time to find a place for everything and put everything in its place!

Today, I am going to share with you a personalized pencil cup that will be the perfect place to put your pens and pencils. I made several of these for Christmas gifts this year and they got rave reviews! Filled with candy and a few special treats, it might also make the perfect gift for your sweetie this coming Valentine’s Day!

Let’s get started!

Here is what you will need:

Trish Harwick Picture 1

Fancy Pants Supplies:
3-6 coordinating double – sided pattern papers (12x12)
Hot Chocolate: Glistening Snow pattern paper
Hot Chocolate: Chocolate Swirl pattern paper
Hot Chocolate: Wrapped in Chocolate pattern paper
Hot Chocolate: Chocolate Ice pattern paper
Hot Chocolate: Marshmallow Cocoa pattern paper
Hot Chocolate: Iced Mocha pattern paper

Other Supplies:
1 cylindrical cup (I used a Pringles potato chip can that I cut down)
Glue gun
Trims, ribbon and embellishments
A favorite (or new release) DVD

1. Prep your “cup” – I used a small saw to cut my Pringles can down to 5 ½ inches. Gently sand and then paint or spray paint a coordinating color. Set aside to dry.
2. Cut paper strips ½ inches x 12 inches. My cup was approximately 3 inches and it required 3 folded “ribbon” sections to circle the circumference.
3. Now it is time to pop in your favorite DVD and begin folding!
4. Fold the strips as follows: 

Trish Harwick Picture 2

a. Place the strips down on the table so they form a corner. (The vertical strip (A) should lay on top of the horizontal strip (B).)
b. Fold the vertical strip (A) down and around the horizontal strip (B).
c. Then fold the horizontal (B) strip over on top of the vertical strip (A).
d. Continue by folding the vertical strip down over the fold just made.
e. Then fold the horizontal strip back over the fold you just made.
f. Continue this pattern until you come to the end of the strips.

Trish Harwick Picture 3

5. Join the ribbons by tucking the folds into each other at the end of the chain (add some glue to make sure they stay!)

Trish Harwick Picture 4

6. Once you have finished enough strips to cover your “cup” you can begin attaching them using the hot glue. 

Trish Harwick Picture 5

7. When the “cup” is covered you can add your own personal touches… ribbons, embellishments, trims, flowers… personalize it!

Trish Harwick Picture 6'

Best of luck getting organized in 2011! I hope this little project will be one that will not only be functional, but something that you can enjoy!

-Trish Harwick

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