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will be caught up

"No." Gone with the Wind Lake Ballet and then blocked Yao doMBT Shoes not own, she shouted: "You have to be strong enough."
Ballet Lake shook his head. She can not, she could not strong.
"You are destroying themselves, destroying the country ah!" Gone with the Wind Yao Ba Lake to face this reality.
"Do not keep running away."
"No, no no no ... ..." para Lake will not listen.
"You have to face the reality ah!" Gone with the Wind Yao said: "You have to maintain a stable mood ah!"
"No, I can not do." Ba lake crying: "I can not ... ..."
"Then we go back Once upon a time, not to reason over it. Please?" Gone with the Wind Yao very sad.
Ballet Lake shook his head. This is impossible, she agreed to the gods, from the moment she accepted the crystal, she will

have to stay in the human world, until the results.
"Once upon a time that does not return, we go somewhere else. So the next life, then the next life, may no longer ho to hate

you." Gone with the Wind Lake Ballet Yao did not want to stay here again, there is only endless pain.
"Would you? He would not hate me?" Ba Lake can not guess, because her heart did not believe ho would not hate her.
"Yes, definitely." Gone with the Wind Yao said: "not present, then the next world, not the next world will be the next life.

Must succeed."
"Really?" Ba lake heart began to waver. She really have a chance?
"Yes." Gone with the Wind Yao said: "Let's go!"
Yao would like to lift up just drift away Lake Ballet, Princess of the ladies will come baby, please Ballet Lake.
"What happened?" Gone with the Wind Yao murmured.
Ballet with the ladies behind the lake, she did not know her fate early in the morning it is doomed to face the terrible turn

of events again.
Ballet Lake followed before the ladies go to the baby Princess, she looked at Princess baby, baby herself is looking at her.
"A lot has happened these days." Doll Princess sighed.
Baby Princess Ballet Lake do not know why she said these words? Is her baby Princess makes plants wilt know it!
"Old Priest a diagram for this BU." Doll Princess sad to say.
Divination? Ballet Lake blinked, and she knew that the images of this country, but what about her? Shows the images of her

"In the old day after the High Priest divination, we found him dead in the creek."
"What?" Ba Lake shouted. Old Priest dead!
"Alas!" Wa-Fei sighed: "The reason I do not know, but small-scale images of the mouth to know that these days of disaster and

you about."
She know? Eva Lake Ballet Princess looked surprised.
"All is as dark green images of stars that refuse to accept you, so God give us a national disaster."
She did not know. Ballet Lake relieved. Baby Princess thought she already knew the identity of it!
(Ballet lake, you do not do it!) Gone with the Wind Lake Yao see para am looking blue white moment, and then asked softly.
Ballet Lake shook his head.
Wa-Fei, see Ballet Lake shook his head, thinking that she did not believe it.
"Old High Priest of divination is very accurate. No mistake."
"That ... ..." para Lake still do not understand call her for? Cang-sing is a fact that did not love her, this is not to

change things ah!
"I know for you this day very upset." Doll Princess softly: "You are a good girl, are dark green star do not see it!"
Princess Ballet Lake looked at baby, and then said: "No, I do not think you as good." This is her country into harm's way.
"What a good boy." Wa-Fei took the hand that lay the lake.
"This ... ..." para Lake do not know what to say? She can not really tell because she can not control themselves, why they

let the plants wilt country now!
As long as she left, where as before it will change back to heavy. NBC has decided to float the lake Yao left.
"I do not know what to say ... ..." Baby Princess sighed. Ba Lake to see that soft look, she felt about to say so cruel.
Ballet Lake puzzled look at baby Princess, Princess baby what to say?
"Alas!" Wa-Fei sighed: "I want to patronize you Cang Star."
"What?" Ba Lake cried. If she got it wrong?
"As long as you combine Cang-sing, God would not drop a disaster in our land."
(She know what they are talking?) Gone with the Wind Yao widened eyes cried.
"This is not off ... ..." para Lake smile together.
Wrong, all will think wrong! Ballet Lake do not understand an explanation.
"I know this is very cruel to you, but not the other way!" Baby Princess like a long time, or feel that this is the best way.
As long as the combination of dark green star and the joy that lay the lake is good, even for one night, it is also accepted

a gift from God ah!
Ballet Lake shook his head, she knew it was not possible.
"Do not you agree?" Wa-Fei asked.
"Impossible." Ba Lake: "The king will not accept."
"He will." Wa-Fei said: "As long as you promise we can."
(She really thinking?) Gone Baby Princess Yao not figure out the mind.
"I promised what?" She has been married to the dark green early in the morning star, is his wife ah! Cang-sing just refused

to take her.
Princess cries of a baby maid. That hand holding a cup of watery liquor maids of honor.
"You drink this wine will sing to the dark green line." Wa-Fei pointed to the glass of water wine.
"This ... ..." para  Lake know what it is! Also know tMBT Shoes Salehat baby Princess of mind.
"The Wild star drink it will be you."
A glass of drugged. Ballet Lake wanted to laugh, but it did not.
Ho would have thought she confused again ah! What is this? Ballet Lake looked at the wine glass of water, they like to see

her soul to flower once the scene of confusion ho.
"I know it is unfair to you, but to our country, I hope you agree." Doll Princess sighed.
"He does not drink." Ba Lake smile: "He will not see me."
"He promised." Wa-Fei said: "He is waiting for you."
"He promised?" Ba Lake looked at baby Princess, Princess baby she was hiding something in her.
"Ah." Doll Princess nodded, then said: "Go!"
"He knows that wine is?" Ba Lake refused to leave like this.
"You're going to have know." Doll Princess would not say: "For this country, you will promise me!"
(Do not answer.) Gone with the Wind Yao was something wrong.
"Good." Ba Wa-Fei Wu agreed, and she would like to know the idea of dark green stars.
Does he take the drug can accept her? Ballet once again throbbing heart of the lake together.
 Lake Ballet holding hands, she did not know what will happen next? Cang-sing really thinking? Why would he agree?
(Ba Lake ... ...) Gone with the Wind plainer looking Yao looked at the Ballet Lake, the heart will follow and feel.
"You wait outside." Cang Xing's study has come to the outside, the hand that lay the lake began to Douzhen up.
(Not ... ...) Gone with the Wind Yao wants to go.
"I'll be fine." Ba Lake Road.
(But ... ...)
"I want to go out." Yao Ba lake was not listening to the words of Gone with the Wind, he gave the study door open.
"You come." Ba Lake entered the study, we heard the sound that the cold dark green stars.
"... ..." Shouting at Cang Lake Ballet star, she did not know what to say?
Cang-sing to see the wine glass of water, he sneered: "The wine was finally sent it!"
"Do you drink?" Ba Cang Star Lake looked at it without any expression of resolute face.
"Of course." Cang star said: "Why drink it?"
Ballet Lake feel very disappointed, she stars in front of the wine to dark green.
"Do you regret it!" The Wild star see the hand of the lake constantly Douzhen Ballet, he said coldly: "You do not want me to

"No." Cang Star also agreed to drink since, and that she did not have much to say. Get out things get that done, she can

leave quickly.
"Imagine that you will give up." Taken from the Star  Cang.
"Give up?" Ba Lake do not understand. Give up what?
"Is not it?" The Wild star  smell the aroma, and then said: "This is my most willing to drink a glass of wine."
"You're just what it means?" There is something wrong place! Ballet Lake know what there must be something wrong.
"What do you mean? You are not the most clear it?" Cang Road Star cold.
"Wa-Fei told you what?" Ba Lake looking at the glass of water wine, and knew there was wrong.
"As long as I drink the wine you brought." Cang said put in the hands of star drink.
"And then?" Ba Lake asked.
"Then you can leave." Cang said the cold star.
"Leave?" Ba Hu do not understand.
"This is a glass of wine, marriage solutions." Cang Star: "I lifted and your marriage."
Ha! Ha ha! ! ! Ballet Princess Lake know everything is baby scam, Cang-sing  under the medicine does not know, he just

wanted to get rid of her.
"Oh!" The Wild star feel a little faint.
"No." Ba Lake shook his head.
She once again confused Hao, though this time she is innocent, but ho would believe it?
Fate is playing with her? Why should she once again faced with? She had to leave, why do you not miss her?
"You ... ..." pointing to Ba Cang Star Lake: "... wine ..."
"No ... no, not me ... ..." para lake escape.
Do not, do not do. Heart Lake Ballet constantly shouting.
(Ba Lake.) Gone with the Wind Lake Ballet Yao See also like running away to escape, they chase the past.
But they did not see a shadow and going into the study.
"Do not go." Ba Lake out of the ectopic, the float will be caught up Yao.
"What happened exactly?" Gone with the Wind Yao MBT Shoes Clearanceasked.
"I ... I ... ... ..." Ba Lake to cry.

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