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like watching bloody

"You are to sum it!" King Zhou asked coldly.
"Yes." Messenger said respectfully: "Hou Su disrespect to the kingMBT Shoes Clearance for the former things, deeply sorry, and deeply feel the

strength of a powerful king. I hope Your Majesty mass, forgive Su Hou, Su will be from top to bottom on King loyal. "
"Humph!" King Zhou Lengheng soon, and then said: "How dare a little the Soviet Union made Hou disrespect, and now beat our

army, he sent you this little person Laishuoliangju would want me to let you?"
Came to the throne after King Zhou of foreign military forces continue, more like watching bloody scenes. People tragic cry,

listening in his ears would become sound.
Su provocation this time, he can justifiably send troops to attack, and now him close hand, and he did not want to agree.
"King mass." Angels bow down to the ground continue to kowtow. Soon there will be blood on the ground.
"Hey ~" King Zhou of the arms of beautiful light frown, and then King Zhou said: "The king ah! Remove him go! Undefined

status do not want to see him."
See beauty unhappy, but do not want to own and messengers talk about it, then said: "You are the first step down now! Will

consider the solitary king."
Thousands of troops have surrounded with the Soviet Union, angels do not want to see the King Zhou with the words and so

death would not leave.
"If the king does not agree villain, the villain will not go."
"Humph! People, pull him out." Messenger of King Zhou See refused to leave, he called people.
"Great." Messenger satisfied, then: "The villain is the king on behalf of the Soviet Union to see Hou, the king can not be

"Well, you want to kneel down and knelt." King Zhou sneer a cry, and then they hold beauty left.
Angels kneeling in the hall that has been a day, up and down are also talking about the DPRK, far away in the army have

surrounded the Soviet Union had set off the Soviet Union, waiting to meet with King Zhou determined after the messenger.
States were also guarding the provisions of an unknown text, when a country's flag hung sum, the invasion of the country will

have to stop the attack, waiting for conferences and in the end.
King Zhou himself the King of great power, he can not ignore that there are conferences and things and to attack the Soviet

Union. But let him have the Soviet Union, he could not make gas!
The occasion of his extremely troubled, and his personal eunuch Fei will say something to make pregnancy extremely happy

about King Zhou.
"Your Majesty, there is a villain heard her Soviet Hou, born too Meirutianxian, where the king not to send his daughter Su

Hou palace." Fei pregnancy sharp voice: "The king has angel beauty that time, the Soviet Union has lost Hou daughter, king of

the air that it has disappeared! "
"Su Hou have a daughter beautiful?" King Zhou had never heard of. However, there is a beauty, his heart began to swell and

"For ah! Listen to other princes said that many gifted scholar, businessman, officials Jia also marry her, but not the Soviet

Union agreed to Hou."
"Well!" King Zhou thought for a while, then said: "These are rumors, the king alone know how beautiful it really beautiful?"
"The king can ask the Minister of the DPRK ah!" Fei pregnant, said: "Some ministers have also read portraits of Soviet Hou

daughter, I heard a real person is far better than gesture."
King Zhou was not easily determined, and he three thousand concubines, what beauty is not seen? If the rumors come not so

beautiful, it would be more harm than good.
King Zhou Fei pregnancy like to know the mind, they said: "If it is not as beautiful as rumored, when the king can kill her,

and said she fled, and that the king will have an excuse to attack a Soviet ah!"
"Well!" King Zhou hear, he nodded his head and said: "You're right to follow the above as you mean it!"
In this way, King Zhou would say the conditions on the messenger to the palace Su Hou's daughter as his concubine. The

messenger heard, it startled expression, and asked whether King Zhou in other conditions?
See King Zhou messenger so upset that it would be for the number of rumors, he determined to Su Hou M, otherwise it would

have to attack the Soviet Union.
Finally, the next Messenger will be agreed at the helpless King Zhou. King Zhou to follow the Messenger sent back to Fiji Su

pregnancy, immediately after arrival of the woman with the Soviet Union back Chaoge Hou.
When a pedestrian walking a long time, we see the days are MBT Shoes Salegetting dark, we decided to take a rest camp for one night.
Kneel before the day of a tired, tired of the messenger of dragging the body went through the barracks in Fiji to pregnancy.
See envoy to Fiji pregnancy, and would perhaps check out his servants to leave the service, and Jiaoren guarding the door,

not to be approached.
"Thank you, to help adults, these are Houye mind." Messenger took out a wooden box from her, and then to Fiji pregnant.
Open the wooden box and saw Fiji pregnancy, giving rise to the surface of the greedy smile: "The Su-Hou's mind, I know."

Wooden box stood a group of golden pearl issued, but the priceless treasure too!
"This is just a small token of kind words, but adults have saved the life of the Soviet Union all ah!" Messenger of love of

money though disgraced the face of Fiji pregnancy, but pregnancy, but King Zhou Fei red around people, offended he is

offended the King Zhou.
"Oh!" Jian Xiao Fei pregnant for a while, then said: "a mere trifle, a mere trifle."
Fiji envoy and pregnancy do not want to say too much, and he also really tired, Bian Xiang Fei pregnancy leave.
"Yes." Fei pregnancy suddenly remembered what it was about to withdraw the messenger cried.
"What things?"
"Su Hou's daughter is really beautiful?" Fei pregnancy: "If only the general beauty, the king may be unhappy." Collected

other people's property, but also do a pregnancy Fiji fulfill their obligations. He reminded messengers, King Zhou has not

appease it!
"Relax." Messenger said: "also the Shang Gu, nor who the United States than she does!"
"That's why the Su-Hou king gave his daughter?" Curious asked Fiji pregnancy.
"Su Hou's daughter to be the king's concubine, but there is a blessing Su ah!" Messenger respectful: "Of course, adults can

be more kind words, it would be best!"
"Oh!" Fiji is very harsh laughter pregnancy.
"Rest assured, I will help the Soviet Union before the king, the daughter of Hou kind words more."
"That villain would like to thank on behalf of Houye grown up." Ju Ju messenger body.
"Well, you withdraw it!" Fei pregnancy waved and called the messenger left.
"That's a small retirement." Messenger retreated back respectfully.
"Wait." Fiji pregnancy and stop messenger.
"What?" Although he has been cursed Fiji pregnant one hundred and eight thousand times, but also full of angels is also

respectful of the mouth.
"Su Hou's daughter name?" Fiji pregnant asked.
"Da Ji, Su Daji." Messenger said.
"Da Ji." Fiji pregnancy nodded, and then he again told messenger withdrew.
When the messenger was gone, then remove the pearl Fiji pregnant, then they shrieked and laughed.
"Oh ... ..." He put pearls on hand, and then said: "more people to offend the king, I would more treasure."
The reason why Fiji had to convince pregnant daughter of King Zhou Hou with the Soviet Union in exchange for not attacking

the Soviet Union and the conditions there, because a lot of property with bribery messenger pregnancy Fiji, Fiji pregnant in

the hope that in front of the proposed King Zhou.
And their decision, instead letting an innocent girl by great pain.
Su Su in Fuchu, people told of being heard sad, bitter tears listener cries.
"Do not ... ..." In the Soviet House of the hall, a girl was kneeling down. She is the daughter of Hou Su, Su Daji.
Almond Taosai Su Da Ji, Bing Ji Yu Fu, is precisely the beauty of a rare child.
"What you say is useless, when the messenger comes back you have to leave." Sitting beside Ms. Su said coldly: "Now you give

me back into the house."
Su Da Ji is the daughter of a concubine, a child would not love to be Ms. Su. Now have the opportunity to remove the thorn in

the side, Ms. Su certainly will not give it! King Zhou Daji gave the proposal to see Ms. Su is proposed.
"No, I do not want to Chaoge." Su Daji crying his eyes red and swollen, but still can not prevent the Soviet Union Hou's

"This is to say go or not go for it?" Ms. Su Daji satire, said: "Houye support you so long, do not you know how to repay it?"
"Da cattle and horses have been willing to do the upbringing of the ex father in return."
"To make a horse do you?" Ms. Su said coldly told servant: "Take her back to the room, the angels come back do not let her

leave the room before the half-step."
"Do not ... ..." See the raging servant approached, Su Daji he wanted to escape. Unfortunately, we could not walk two steps

to find it.
"Want to go?" Ms. Su Da anger has been approached to stand up.
"Lovemaking." Burst beat sounded crisp sound. The Su Daji perfect surface will appear red handprint.
"Well." Hou has been sitting beside the Soviet Union, Ms. Su was finally speak out to stop the beatings of Daji.
"Humph!" Ms. Su Lengheng soon, and then could not get out front of the sound being played Daji said: "ungrateful girl."
"Take her back to the room." Hou told Human Su.
Human Su Daji was escorted back to the room before she left the hall, the Soviet Union would Hou said something to her.
"Do not make the hurt yourself, otherwise you will be ten times Tong Xi pain."
Xi Da Tong is a childhood sweetheart has been, if not against King Zhou Su, they have become husband and wife! Unfortunately,

have to separate the two.
Hou Su Su Daji one's words in mind all thoughts also went out.
Su Tong Hou Xi is the control that a good piece Daji, he also knows Daji to Xi Tang, will be good, be good to wait for

married Chaoge.
Not he does not love his daughter, but in the army of attacking, there will soon be destroyed the Soviet Union, the daughter

can be regenerated ah no! No life, then nothing, ah!
Light cool breeze blowing, birds, and Ming. What a bright and sunny morning, is also a auspicious. Su Da Ji is married to

Chaoge today.
Da Fei Su marry King Zhou of the things, so that the Soviet Union is also talking up and down.
We all sigh, a beautiful child to destroy people, but they are only in the heart secretly sigh. Because we all know that if

one does not have to Chaoge Su Da, King Zhou's army will siege, comparing to give Daji we still feel is the best choice.
Su Daji married, Su Fu Wai attracted many people to watch. Even just passing the Ba Su Yao lake and drift are also attracted

to the noisy crowd.
"Noisy too!" Ballet Lake do not like noise.
"Look for a bar!" And Ballet Lake In contrast, floating Yao like fun.
"Come with me." Gone with the Wind Lake MBT ShoesBallet took the hand of Yao went to see the front. They both are hidden the body, or

to their beauty, a certain confusion to the scene.

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