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delay for a month

uninvited guest

After finalizing the trip, Ding Yu Huang for a few days to illegalMBT Shoes immigrants to the United States, to see this America in style.

Yu Huang Ding know that the U.S. is the most valued Statue of Liberty, in the end if you want to blow up the Statue of Liberty, this matter remains to be further explored, after all, a significant representative of this thing, called the United States, the symbol of a friendship between France and the United States witness.

** Out, the most important principle is kept themselves and White Road, the best interests of the sky in the growth of each other using a common, but it is almost impossible, the U.S. national principle is that the Americans Service is the business.

Imperial Star carefully inspected well in all matters, the Ding Yu Huang decided to leave off.

Been received in the report, the triad seemed to be everywhere, the business community where there jen, where there will be destruction of triad activities, it seems, the triad of knowledge of the profound social benevolence, and the great hatred. It is particularly flagrant world will be announced later, will have a vaguely anti-world organization would appear that this organization to triad lead.

To deal with the world will be, the triad can be described as strenuous efforts, the small feather from the phoenix to debut an all out massacre have been collecting and increased exaggerated propaganda, making the black widow and the Paris Commune of the world will hate the most, and in Golden Triangle of stars seems to have ushered in imperial international group after group of uninvited guests.

More than 100 kilometers of the city cottage, only the more than 20,000 population, which is not enough. Thus, Ding Yu Huang in the back to the city this time, especially the constant occurrence of attack events, Ding Yu Huang resolute decision to withdraw troops, the rest of the world's elite forces withdraw to, all the distribution points all from the ground into the ground, some of the more commercial remote point of a small country who simply complete withdrawal, since the world will be declared, then naturally become the target of public criticism.

Month, the brothers around the world a steady stream of turning back, when the last head count, Ding Yu Huang found that those brothers and their families count, sing, Wong said that even a sudden influx of nearly 10 million people, had deserted the city where suddenly excited.

This is one of the reasons for the increase of population, on the other hand, Ding Yu Huang Huang international since the star is called Quilly Kirky Lair, then accepted by the foreign population is nearly 3,000 people, these people are not top talent in a particular area, that is, some Sun-country or in exile like the king, when they lived down stable, they had the strength and relatives are constantly flooded in, instant, star Imperial City and the number increased by 8 million, a 20 city with a population of more than million last appear.

However, this twenty people inside, Jingzhuang at least 15 million people, through training, the star can become the backbone of the Imperial City, which are reliable power.

Of course, there are still some admiring.

Most of them were a number of countries angry youth, China's majority, in the small feather Phoenix fried flat Mount Fuji, and burning the Ginza, the Ding Yu Huang's claim to fame, it is exciting, it seems that the Chinese centuries of humiliation have been a time wash clean, Ding Yu Huang natural world example of young people, have the ability to have defected to the property with all defected over.

However, these people who defected to which good and bad, Ding Yu Huang keen sense which also mixed a number of other gang influence. Yu Huang Ding naturally not foolish enough to let them stationed in the city, but because there are so many, it is impossible to filter, so the outer city "a joint House" in the vicinity, but also built many homes sold. After all, this is not the nursing home Ding Yu Huang, nature is not concentration camps, Yu Ting Huang profits will always be the pursuit of the biggest target.

Yu Ting Huang placing them in the purpose here is very simple, it is to deal with those uninvited guests.

Used to cool gang of people in contact with "a co-Hall," Is such a superb view of the time, nature could not resist the surging Xiehuo lower body, frequently in and out. Although access has been among the many happy, but invisible in the exposure of the identity, when you consider the general who defected in order to buy a house are basically no deposit particles in the public life and the city signed an agreement only after the opportunity to make moneyMBT Shoes Sale. Those caught in one of the other gang officers, it is not the limit in terms of money, so invisible in the exposure of their identity.

In this way, Ding Yu Huang cleared thousands of gangster, as to how to clear, and it is naturally without a trace, since it is sneaky to, then they would have quietly disappeared.

There are strong samadhi, but in small quantities, in sunspots, Nihou under careful observation and others have identified a number of lists, secretly asked the brothers note that the entire city while increasing the control system monitoring 0, in every corner of the central control room within the control, especially in some of the hidden machine guns and other items, as long as one person found a slight against the law, the central control room of people can be killed!

In this way, Yu Huang Ding be finished cleaning up civil strife, some feel comfortable be considered.

Now the city's population has more than 30 million people, the infrastructure has not kept up, we do not move into the new members of the public, there is this idea, write an application, pay a deposit, and other review!

All the places one of the busy, busy Nihou is a long wait and then a few heads, it is overwhelmed, the Nihou selected from the public only a few architectural expertise in the migration, so that they are also involved in the construction of the city, Ni Hou is in charge to concentrate the city, security facilities, the construction of the city, these things are the biggest star Imperial secret, except for some core members, is not easy to know everyone.

Instant, Ding Yu Huang has come back from Japan more than three months, Golden Triangle, the temperature did not make much change, in addition to more than warm, that is, a few more mosquitoes, summer has unknowingly come.

The Ting Yu Huang's baby Liner now 8 months old, every day is like most things crawling chaos everywhere, clouds are around every day and Xiaofeng Liner turn, love the heart filling.

Of course, these three months, Ding Yu Huang is busy enjoying themselves, many children ran Xiaofeng the principle of multi-fu, Yu Ting Huang decided to sow some seed lots, so that each woman can follow his own to give myself a to future generations.

Zhang Kexin was very disappointing, due to more contact and Ding Yu Huang, and she following the clouds, the second pregnant - pregnant, now has more than three months, and this is Yu Huang Ding took her to the United States did not intend to cause.

Chennai child, Li Ke, Pan Pan, Yu-Bao U.S., also has conceived - pregnancy, originally, Chennai and Lee, but very much against children pregnant, but discouraged by the repeated Xiaofeng, however, had to give up the idea of keeping fit, enthusiastic acceptance Yu Huang Ding seeds. Know that these disappear, the small and nature is overjoyed, thinking of a 500 years ago is of children and grandchildren the best. Xiaofeng sanity has been restored earlier, began to make her mother played a role, in charge of some of the daily nutritional decoction, Zhang Ke, who urged the drink.

The most exaggerated, the cub wife (not legally recognized, however, according to the social community of sunspots according to rules benevolence, and D and discussed a few days later, and after another member of the core, the first step is the constitution Imperial Star is enacted. that the Constitution, is in fact covers a wide range, it can be considered to help regulate the. According to this to help gauge, gained and Lin Ling even legally husband and wife.)'s Lin Ling turned to the production gained a daughter, Tiger child is naturally happy to ear to ear, in addition to daily laboratory is teasing her daughter play, rarely come to the small side of a phoenix feather.

Revocation of all the world as the distribution point, so that malicious people temporarily lost their targets, however, Yu Huang Ding here know that they will sooner or later as the attack target. Yu Huang Ding shield can do is to do more robust, more worn the sharp spear!

Of course, Ding Yu Huang did not want to play defenders have been holed up with the tactics, must be proactive!

Yu Huang, and in the small sunspot, who packed their bags, ready to go when Yu Huang Ding has received a very unexpected phone, the phone Ding Yu Huang and other content so surprised!

287 the nature of business

Is this phone to life and life's journey and Ding Yu HuangMBT Shoes Clearance delay for a month, but in the month, but many of the events occurred.

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