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things as straw dogs with


Continue to be slaughtered this way, enough to have a pool MBT Shoesof blood on the ground about three inches, while in the sun and

the moon shining star, blood red sky, do not know how long, but saw a thick accumulation of dead bodies all over the floor,

front already pulled out ten miles away, this time by Chuan Songzhen enter the Imperial City near the Rumo star who a lot

less. Big mouth, who finally catch his breath, the war lasted even 10 hours, the number of people are afraid to kill more

than a million are also early.

After all, these brothers are all mortal flesh, in the ongoing killings, the great physical exertion, but fortunately there

were more international so that people here were divided into three groups, each with an hour break to add strength and

ammunition, turns the enemy. Rumo who looked close to a lot less, big mouth, who last long out of breath, they know that

those sent to destroy Chuan Songzhen Mech Warrior and the gods were certainly have succeeded had.

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and other countries over the Mech Warrior volley pass away, one white, non-stop towards the

unlimited artillery to the ground Chuansong Zhen H, and the weapons such as small nuclear bombs really made protection of the

gods sent Confucius were a bit surprised: This is where people are made out of weapons and the power of their own simply can

quanliyiji comparable ah! One could not help but put away the contempt of the heart, but they also know that this thing is

pure consumables, additional energy must be timed, or a pile of scrap metal, and they only need to cross one's legs to

meditate, take a little northwest wind can restore the strength of the ... ...

With more and more damage Chuansong Zhen, these gods have found a strange phenomenon, it seems that these Chuansong Zhen

purely to deceive the public display, and those sent to the Imperial City Rumo star who is a full-fledged cannon fodder The

purpose is purely to attract the attention of the Imperial City Star, all the way to follow the traces of Chuansong Zhen,

these gods have found the city of Nanking already overcrowded at the moment, packed with numerous skin colored people, who no

one, whether physical or mental not the superior choice!

Most of these gods were shocked that they actually felt in the vicinity of Nanking for about a breath of thousands of

immortal! Although the strength of the weaker than themselves, but the ants killed as they re great dozens of immortal

courage dare not advance further out.

Soon notice a bit mech inside operator, immortals flew away from the Guzhe, driving mech warrior brothers were also aware of

the seriousness of the problem, hp fully open, a space jump directly to the back of the star Imperial over, had they wanted

to go back a hundred times the speed of sound, but when they suddenly see the ground after flying out of the immortals,

suddenly changed his mind, those gods have fled, and his jump is not too ashamed to use space, and that he has escaped the

night than some of the immortals, it is sufficient to enable them proudly.

五十步笑百步 is not always wrong, it depends on the object of laughter, and was the object of laughter.

Distortions in space while looking after the sudden disappearance of the monster who flew out from the city of Nanking gods

only used the nose gently snorted, although they know the direction they fled, but not to catch the meaning, they are only to

their expulsion out of it!

Imperial Star, the floating body has a hundred miles, bloody, hellish scenes and a hint of bright golden sanctuary that

stands in stark contrast. Sometimes, heaven and hell really is one step away. Happiness always feel your fingertips, but it

is always a little bit worse on the distance.

All the invaders have all been wiped out, and these invaders are really violent, and silver armor for those soldiers who do

nothing but break the blockade, they are still not on the inside of silver armor brothers caused great harm, After all, war

is a very strange war, of weapons of Star Imperial side also advanced more, and there was unarmed; of the number of people is

the people's 1 / 200! Most importantly, these people are completely ignoring the potential pain inspired Rumo, as long as his

head is still even if only one leg is still moving here in the tireless crawl.

Fortunately, good logistics Imperial Star, the healing effects of these drugs for serious injuries after the brothers,

quickly responded to strength. However, the role of these brothers will MBT Shoes Salestop here, the next battle is not that they can

participate in the.

Of course, the big mouth who they repair the Mahayana also could run and walk-on.

Confucius stood motionless in the Tower of Babel, the outside of the case fresh in no way own this massacre, though they can

not cause any Enchantment sanctuary damage, but can use their magic gas to St. domain of the Holy Spirit to live the gas

mask, so to minimize the power of the sanctuary's protection.

Confucius shook his head, chanted some mantra murmured, after a huge golden Guanghua Peng suddenly shot from the sky tower,

as gorgeous in the air as fireworks exploded, and then little bit of snow falling in the astral as it covers the San hundred

mile radius around the field!

Purification of the sacred light!

Rumo the bodies of all those in contact with light, the hideous face gradually restore the natural, face the pain may

gradually disappear. Rumo's soul is suffering, even in the die, these souls of the dead atmosphere of tainted magic, still

floating on the ground, nowhere to go, but by this divine light cleaning after the last of these suffering souls get relief,

investment and industry to the students died.

Chapter 380 finale end of the war (b)

Jinling at the back from the gods and the Mech Warrior will soon see their reporting to the Confucius and Ding Yu Huang, for

that matter, his face inscrutable Confucius seems to have been anticipated earlier, and Yu Huang Ding is surprised at the

opponent's strong, he does not understand the quality of the best parts of the world's people are concentrated in the Jinling


Want to know the answer, Ding Yu Huang can only ask the old man, but this time the old man left the Tower of Babel is the

small birds take the initiative to find a phoenix.

Feel the atmosphere of Old Master, Yu Huang Ding also did not turn around, because the car in person his daughter Mei Tian

control screen displayed on the machine has enough Yu Huang Ding shocked!

People around the world, like a fly without head rattling, like zombies came out in general, Rumo of people around to kill

those people remain clear and bright sanity, the scene just as the plot of Resident Evil reproduce inside, watching the

people Rumo chewing in the same wanton body, eating the flesh of fresh, Ding Yu Huang do not understand, in the end what is

causing the state of these people mad, do not drink the Qin Huai River is the water? But this was impossible, in cities

around the world, not every city has a river crossing in the city, although the most important consideration is the

construction of urban water problems, but now more water is taken directly from the underground , do the authors, which also

have been contaminated groundwater?

Mech Warrior listening to reports, Ding Yu Tian Mei Huang allow the car to the father and daughter will be transferred to the

screen above the city of Nanking, Ding Yu Huang heart is even more surprised to be added!

Jinling City has always been a sufficient aura of a place, so many regarded this as a warlock of feng shui Feng Shui, and

around the city in the whole thirty-three major areas, such as Yuhuatai rankings are now built a high altar , below the altar

surrounded by many people because of Rumo and mania.

Absorption of the altar appears to be a special magic gas matrix method, around the altar to those who will be the magic gas

stream on the absorption of the altar, those Rumo people, their innate refined gas have been transformed into a magic gas, at

the moment is continuous absorption, the loss of the original kind of spirit, flagging down all around the altar, the body

visible to the naked eye velocity also rapidly reduced, until the remaining skin and bones, like a skeleton with a living!

This is true every altar, chanting them dry in the air after the magic, there will be another wave of people follow the added

up, the altar is constantly rising with momentum! Over the altar, each dish sat a one in white fairy, face indifference,

people simply ignore the fate of the following, the kind MBT Shoes Clearanceof heartless world of all things as straw dogs with abnormal

expression of the obvious, in their eyes, they are the embodiment of Heaven !

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