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the kind she touched it

"If people choose evil, to give up the ghost guarding the door seven MBT Shoesthousand years, then the ghost gate from now on will no

longer appear in front of people ... ..."

By this time it was thought of thousands of people Luo Yu cloud tower before dropping the original, she is not only to punish

the attempt to defile the holy ghost door criminals, but also warned those in the Ghosts of crisis, people looting the crime

of subversion of faith: Ghosts have been given this piece of land by the evil du underwear, never to protect the purity of

faith in their lives fought generation after generation, the ghost gate to completely open with the program contact the


Thousands Yu Yun Luo says it will do is mean enough and stubborn people, as long as she decided to do to no room changed

again. Regret the crowd of Penance, piercing cry devout believers, Ghosts and even pray for the children of the two emperors

Xiayamingzhao oath, or even thousands of years the annual Yu You promise always to pray standing in the line between life

failed to restore outside Ghosts death determination. Continental now Mozu aspect, once arrogant to worship God in the body

of law before the slaughter Kyi, is still chasing its causes and the Ghosts are no longer on death of Mozu repression.

God would not forgive betrayal of her Royal Highness Ji human, Joan of adults do not forgive mistakes committed by the

ignorant masses.

Xijiang to the South, despite all the way to many affluent, but are relying on business and set up a special city location,

just near the boundary of this desolate place everywhere.

Re-establish their homes around the line of people did not get the peace of imaginary life threatening nearby Mozu always the

safety of their existence, more and more land was barren Saint curse not grow crops, increasing life decline, until it was

forced to rely on hunting or occasionally lead the way for the pilgrims a living and live the life of the poor is still

unwilling to leave this death. They are called "mountain households", as the Lord Royal Highness faithful defenders Ji Ghosts

are the children of pious people's respect. I do not know is not to be touched by this persist, gradually reduce the line

around the demons, the land began to have a vibrant and occasionally grow some rare medicinal plants, had the honor dug up a

frontier not only sell to get them to eat and drink for a long for some time, but also to old people care deeply pray to God

for their benevolent Ji Highness.

Saran is fifteen years of age this year, a mountain families, poor children as early masters, Saran grew up hunting in the

mountains along the elders mining rare medicinal herbs, and all households have the same mountain, the terrain around the

boundary after the tangible with their own Garden as familiar.

Saran are orphans, their parents died of hunt the way, the age of five Saran aunt living in a day, cousin, uncle, together

with herbs to support their family in the mountains hunting, life is pretty smooth. Only depend on others there is always

anxiety, increased gradually with age, Saran also moved from a small mind and thinking of the city near the frontier Ao

together businessmen from north to south more than the rich, if able to quietly get a point of rare vegetation resell Great

price. Money, and will have relied upon, not a day watching her aunt's face live.

With such care about, as long as a free, Saran secretly slipped up the hill. Line at both ends of the demons are numerous,

but they usually do not come out, so long as well, is in the mountains, a ten-day visit will not encounter half a demon

beast. Saran did not hunt, although the skins can be a complete change to a lot of money, but after all, is too much, she

kept a small mind who is to make their own money, the more inconspicuous the better, so just go from one hill to another

hill, looking for more precious medicinal herbs.

Sweep aside the thin surface layer, Salang careful reference to a wild dig a little bit out from the earth, looking at a

large radish like ginseng, laughing eyes bent. Although it is not an expert, but with many years experience in Saran herbs

can see it, this strain field will be able to sell a lot of money argument. A handkerchief, and carefully wrapped package,

until no longer see what a small bag in the end, Saran wasMBT Shoes Sale carefully put it in his pocket next to the skin away. Then screw

the box to turn children and a few laps in the mountains, good luck to several strains of herbs collected, Saran good care of

them one by one, on the box brought back.

Still far away from the aunt, and cousin to join the Salang mountain to see the people together in one place to speak, when

to see them, Saran always look cheerful greeting with them cordial, greeting each other today is rewarding. Saran dug in the

better herbs that, everyone's face has a trace of envy.

"Saran, Today we rescued a man in the mountains, your cousin put her to your house has." A young man told her.

"Oh, but a great beauty." Side was incited by chime.

"Is that, never seen such a beautiful person."

Village population, not many out of marriage, Saran since been adopted aunt, in her parents big future is of the young

married woman as her cousin, this is the consensus of the village, and even think myself Saran The.

However, their cousin, she still has confidence. Smiled, Saran said: "Really? It a good look at me to go back to what kind of

great beauty."

Home, my aunt already waiting at the door, Saran to adopt all turned to herbs, looking at the little box herb garden, my

aunt's face had to pick up signs of cold, the frame was received, even the saliva did not give her drinking I told her to

take over the work to take care of rescued cousin came back great beauty.

Saran was very unhappy, but his face was a gentle look. Came to the room, and called cousin to rest, That we sit down to take

care of the mouth of the great beauty. Every frontier, often followed by Saran Ao big city people to go, figure it is also

seen people who come to the market, had just heard Everybody jokes, and she thought it was quite a bit, but pretty woman, but

at the moment a look but could not help but envy thin.

That woman is indeed beautiful, delicate facial features, the perfect contour, like the play, said that the same angel. Not

only the United States, there is a Saran indescribable feeling to see her, I felt ugly and ashamed of his small, that is, ten

life can not beat her case. Although she does not damage the whole clothes, but without prejudice to the slightest feeling

she gives, stood before her, his hay as ants. In the aunt for many years a strong feeling submissive to Salang, if she woke

up, probably with a straight face is always obey her aunt will not help. Only later, Saran know this feeling is called

temperament, then called the noble woman comes out.

"I had just come back to see her body seemed wound, I am a big man is not good to do these, you give her some medicine on the

body wipe it." Cousin brought the water, exhorted Road.

Her cousin is such a caring person who will marry him, will not endure hardship. Thought of this, Saran smile, gentle

replied: "I know, I'll do it."

Cousin nodded with satisfaction, closed the door, roll up his sleeves Saran, skillfully dilapidated clothes off the woman was

about to put aside something like a sudden find that clothes will be in your hands, thin fingers ask mo was fine.

Good soft fabrics, Ao City than ever that big in the store even touched a soft cloth!

According to the same shop the man said, that is their best fabrics here, only the richest city Ao ladies only afford to use

such material. Proudly say that man, to educate her beautiful appearance is not the best, and only touch the hands of the

beautiful and soft cloth is the best. He Say well, she can hear its charm. Even if that can not afford to sell their

expensive fabrics such, but his strong desire was burning.

Just like every ordinary girl, she is also eager to beautiful fabrics, luxurious life long, long endless pleasure, desire a

fairy tale princess-like life, like a slave in her home as her aunt worked hard all day without care, she desire for change

can only make the hearts of Pina's daydreams all day together.

If you can put on such a gorgeous piece of cloth to do the clothes, as long as they put on one, she'd give anything!

As she stared at the piece of cloth as possessed, staring eyes, have not even looked at turning that man that does not go,

taking advantage of the boss is MBT Shoes Clearanceaway, the kind she touched it.

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