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easily anywhere

It was such a soft cloth, ah, more than the wind lighter than water, soft, MBT Shoes Clearancegentle mother, as memory caresses, like mythology,

the goddess of grace, the memory of her greedy feeling of touching TV drama, put it in mind at all eternity will not forget,

she was convinced that the world Nothing is more soft and more luxurious fabrics.

But -

Looked like rags and hand wipes, Saran could not believe my feelings, why she had felt more than ever is more soft cloth, and

why she would suddenly feel get fooled and be entertaining, I feel unwilling and indignation?

Why they are eager to dream things in this case in the eyes? In her view, it was supposed to be the most beautiful there,

which should be made of the finest costumes wear the most beautiful lady in the body, why is such an unidentified woman was


Saran felt insulted, as was a slap in the face severely fan, his face burning one. Also, why own when the cattle and horses

all day, someone will be able to enjoy the luxury?

"Saran, ready?" Cousin's voice from outside the door

"Like!" Will be in the hands of a good clothing collection, Saran 三下五除二 scrub the body of a woman, on the drug, the

woman's injuries were not serious, just some scratches, probably only then stumbled his way confused that bad. Saran quickly

things right for all, and gave her old clothes and put on a set of their own, this open the doors cousin came.

"Somehow?" First looked at the neatly dressed young woman, this confidence came.

"Are somehow."

Young nodded, hand side is a bowl of sugar water: "Drink this to her, I let Niang specifically boil, and I heard very good

for the body."

This dessert tasted even once she did not do, so generous to the people to drink. Saran heart dissatisfaction, or to take

over, woman propped carefully fed her side and asks: "She is who ah?"

"Look at her dress, it should be pilgrims to the Holy Land." Cousin exclaimed.

"That can be really lucky." Saran Road.

Pilgrims, the truth is not the group to die in vain fool. Schelling's way, never to return, even if the familiar boundaries

of the Hill family, not sure dare to enter there, few pilgrims to the Holy Land can be safely returned, even if reluctantly

support the return to the mountains will encounter because of lost demon beast thing as its feed their families. Women can be

unharmed by the mountain to retrieve user, I really do not know how much higher she burned incense ancestors.

"Niang said the lady of the house of the lady is a millionaire." Cousin continued.

Sure enough, if not Miss Monopoly, where dressed in such luxurious clothes. Thought of this, Saran pick up the pile of

clothes, saying, "I'll get the clothes clean," to walk out.

Of course she wants to wash clothes, clean clothes so expensive, even breaking the old, and she can mend them like new, like,

since the lady is the daughter of rich people, so one should not care about has been broken the clothes, as long as she does

not say that no one knows when, so the lady had gone, it is her clothes out. Saran in the heart of such a plan dreamed of

finishing the fold clothes, she wants a dream dress, ah, even if they are insulted, as long as wearing a worn, and she


Finger accidentally hit something, the hard, almost cut her finger, pick it up, was actually put together a gem pins, blue-

green stone setting for the two snake-like texture and color, reflected in the exceptionally bright golden shade.


Saran can not help but stare, in addition to his wife met Ao City businessman who was a gorgeous jeweled dress, she had never

come into contact with jewelry, so beautiful really waxing.

If she has such a piece of jewelry it be nice. Saran across from the heart of this idea, she suddenly called Jiling, but to

hold on to the hand holding the pin. Such a precious thing, as long as it is sold, must earn a big fortune, so do not need a

whole day without telling his aunt, a hard mountain herbs.

Saran's hands trembled, jumped out the idea once the brain, so can not collect on the go.

Perhaps today is the gift of God, His Royal Highness Kyi and her, or else how will this young lady to the front of their own?

Finally Jianhui a life to be costly to bargain with the ah. Even such expensive clothes can be easily ruined, must have a

piece of jewelry she would not care about it? Although such a randomMBT Shoes Sale thing to get people well, but later she will take care

of the lady, she regarded her own clothes to the non-changed, but that she would take a great price for it received from the

aunt's clothes, so the price should be enough, right? If asked, she can pretend to answer any of, cousin does not know the

lady that lost the final only in the mountains of the.

Yes, exactly!

Made up his mind, looked around, Saran quietly hidden in the inner layer pin pocket. She did not know that a small pin, her

future will bring great changes how, what will bring the entire Ming Zhao distress.

Assassination Chapter

Comments district is always empty, the people passing through, please leave a grab bar, please, find out all the foam.


Secretary for Health have both, the white flowers lie on the cold ground, Qiruoyousi. In her Shen Pan, Jin Rui Rao unwilling

to utter great eyes, but had stopped breathing.

Accident happened in a flash, not react, hiding among the assassins in the dark holding Wei Cui of the dense toxic green

blade to stab came toward her. Electric fire stone, despite his actions faster than the brain, between the wrong body, avoid

the danger of the blade, still could not escape from the killing immediately.

But, whatever the outcome, life is saved. White flowers smile.

She should be glad that the sufferings of the old bitterness of those years, the western suburbs can not see past days, when

health as a dark experience, these things her mind honed her body more exercise, at least as long as they promise not

poisonous thorn in the vital will be unable to take her life.

However, in the end still could not escape life's easy for too long, used to sit here plotting, totally forgot it was also

stuck in the spider itself over.


How can we forget the heart to remain vigilant? David thought that the dark clouds of the two most secure, but the Secretary

for Health have, just forget that the most likely hiding murderous here. An assassin to kill even bother to hide the

murderous are able to legitimately removed from the two baths are in and out of the Division, what they can not do?

Lin assassin sent home to cope, she capability, regardless of the dark thorn poison or she can always be discerned early in

the cat and mouse as their juggling, the young master come to grief not only at home but will Zhen Lin family Seiko Seiko bit

down to, such brilliant victories, but planted in the killing in such a simple, how ironic.

She warned that as long as those who follow the dark of her health, so that they are not their own insight into the

generation to grips with them can make them quit, where people just want to get a new group of rookie guard for the dark,

just know doing all the job done, do not know how to plot strategy. Even summer insects is not of ice, with her ridiculous

means to deal with great lord just west of it to deal with these desperadoes, forgotten how to time their own fledgling is

done regardless of whether such a large aristocratic family that is also according to Chuang killing is not wrong spot, and

she deserved it, nobody is to blame.

Ah shame! Her white flowers, but both vertical and horizontal Kam all Division Criminal Division control plots dominated

imperial guard dark star, actually this was a fledgling newbies on the road, how in the future to let her in front of the

younger generation mix?

Clenched fist, from the Yang Xuan Hao Yang viceroy, first entered this year are down to the Yamen of the new Division are

tightened face, and gazed at the ground black blood, that is committing suicide after the assassins succeeded, after

confirmation the only target left remains under the action fast that even the most elite failed to grab the dark Wei

Huishimieji before they stop. No one really wants someone in the hands of two health are the Secretary, the advantages of a

long time they forget the potential dangers, they can MBT Shoescope easily anywhere, has chosen to alert the most natural place in the

chaotic sense of proportion.

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