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where there is only get

The air slowly flowing strange, dark guard all around the air did not MBT Shoesdare to even hold your breath out of one.

This is a provocative, naked provocation!

Secretary for Health have both, Ming Zhao's security center, brought together the elite assembled a peerless Ming Zhao Wei

generals dark, draw a line with the forces of the parties will not allow violations to be regarded as the safest most secure

place, actually into the assassin! Not only let him in, but let him succeed it! Health is not simply the two are looked down

on Division! Yang Xuan Hao dark eyes have begun to fire-breathing, the news if the pass out, Where is the ceremony of the

Empire, the two health is what the Secretary's face!

"Captaincy adults." To be released under the physician as a victim, the physician no alternative but to bow Hao Xiang Yang

Xuan, looking at his gloomy face, had a hunch to tell the truth if it will be cut to pieces, any death case out to Secretary

for Health have both, and there are more hateful than this it? He began to worry about in order to hide the ugly Yang

viceroy, would angrily silenced them. Thought of this, doctors could not, with a shiver, looking around quietly steal

people's face, a dense mass of color make him feel more desperate.

Yang Xuan Hao at the moment of course, no little mind wondering what physicians are thinking, what need him too much anger,

especially the eyes, with the eyes relative to adults also know that dollars saved not the third secretary, the personnel

office less than a years, did not die in the clouds in Beijing, the situation changes in the plot, lay dead in a two-guard is

the assassination of the Secretary of bureaucratic absurdity, or the kind of extreme bad luck to die ... ... Yang Xuan Hao

can not help but turned a supercilious look, how would such a bad guy, is to be assassin a knife and chopped the number of

white-Hui Zhu Er is also still hanging a life time, but rather stay in the side of safety could not be more obviously a safe

place for people how to be assassins sudden attack claimed the lives flying daggers it? What makes Greatest Fire ah.

Of course he never said he wanted the white flowers are dead, if you really want the two men inside his second election, then

he would not hesitate to choose the white flowers, as she did so well with people on the whole empire is rare, even became

King autumn so that people can still have the two Methodist Division luster. He was just feeling that, even assassins were

directed at white flowers to go around her, officials close to a way to avoid a fast, how to end the guy came Chuan Menzi

lost their lives?

Everyone wants to look at this even wait for the rescue rushed to do so caused the death of a ghost who, Hyun Ho Yang

lamented in mind, he should not go because of health training in the dark who received physical condition better than the

average person? If white flowers, like so bad he really fall to explain to the King.

"White adults drug has cleared the body, can be awakened shortly. But Jin adults ... ..." difficult to swallow the swallow,

MD, wondered that it will be followed by dismemberment or Wumafenshi.

Fortunately, Hyun Ho Yang did not worry too much about him, but waved his hand, said he had read out. Doctors shouted luck,

see attendants are carrying white flowers to go to the lounge, but also rotation, Yang viceroy cold ears came a warning

voice: "Take good care of white Censor, the seat that you are smart . "

"Yes, Xiaguan understand." Physicians quickly position, led a cadre of white flowers chasing away the next.

Recovery of sight, turned to his men, Yang Xuan Hao cold eyes of a surging undercurrent. Since things have happened in the

two Secretary David inside it with the people here can not get away. Secretary for Health have access to the two people who

have their own forces, backed by the surface follows the law of the empire, who secretly intended not for their own?

Nobility, civilians, family of five forces, relative to adults per piece, are various cross could not be more complex

intervention can stop him, can only open one eye and close to MBT Shoes Saledowntown by the them.

Anyway, they do not go beyond the bottom line, whether it be overwhelming were unmoved. If exceeded, and was committed

without his own hand the interests of the people to intervene. In here are some smart people, know what not to do the do, he

also went by the them.

Did not expect indulgence at this point still has to commit to his head! Yang Xuan Hao think not only in the presence of the

hearts of everyone is so indignant.

In this place, who does not get things wrong? Face every day, like assassinations and frequent eating and drinking, that was

in the two baths are outside the Division!

As long as the Guardian are two doors that were destroyed by the Division over the door, no one would care, but this thing

happens to all Division in which the two Guardian. Secretary for Health are the two slaughter, not only Mingzhao Censor dying

people also roll came in the Secretariat, who in the end there did not Mingzhao looked down on? This is the sunny viceroy,

the Secretary to all officials of the two health are provocative, is to all of them dragged into the whirlpool!

White flowers in the end got into the eye of the idiot which is not long, into just such a thing under him? Road in the heart

of scolding officials.

"You are smart people, can carry all the Division Two Methodist, I believe you do not need the seat only how to do it?" Cold

opening, anti-Nu Ji Yang Xuan Hao had to laugh, "the seat know, come in here You rely on your family, with the your support,

but do not forget who gave you to enjoy the rich Bingcheng Rong Hua opportunity, the skin the hair stand, not a two-guard is

the Secretary who would agree with you contribution? what happened here today, the seat had an idea, clearly you are not the

seat of the generation that short-sighted, but the seat or to remind you, please go back and tell you family, do not mess

should not mess with people, not to do superfluous things, if not dried the flowers Square, the best thing honest! - it will

send someone to check the seat, and now manage your mouth, do your thing! "

"Yes!" Shouted swear loudly, instant go clean. Despite the doubts about my heart, but many less attitude and Yang are out of

the viceroy, the language of threats, as well as who would dare to lift at this time Dragon Ni Lin.

King sent for the autumn to come, Yang Xuan Hao sighed, let his couch, the smoking, and efforts to Lile Li confused thoughts.

Today, things happened so suddenly, although the sudden chaos of the measured, but also can work out a little think about


Always been aware of white flowers is a restless Zhu Er, it does not matter, into the two guard are some of the Division who

are not law-abiding people who have been doing this job is to reform package, here, to stir up trouble everywhere, conspiracy

killing is the order of the day, every few days for the new faces, all kinds of people came and went, he never not to worry,

but never asked.

White flowers come in the beginning he did not have her new light, if not read her file, on the element relative to adults,

why health promotion with a dark background of the people were surprised, maybe now he will not have to look in the eyes of

white flowers .

One from that place called East Huan orphan, a removed from the western suburbs of Beijing in the clouds in the bully, never

had any to rely on, life is filled with tricks actually the shadow of adults per phase. What in the end where she joined the

yuan relative to adults discernment, not only into the Cardinal Secretary at the elite forces are also promoted all the way

to the official position on the next plane. What is she in the end, by whose skill and Ping Zhang?

Cold read a few years, this woman is bold but cautious able to capture Counterattack spy well done, clean up the Zhen family

also do good people have to say. He looked at her changes, from the very beginning is a thorn in the Avengers whole body

becomes a smooth rounded edges and corners of the empire accident officials, plotting her collection of handles, the

obstacles impede her progress by her kicked out one by one, the weaknesses of dignitaries she firmly in hand, to please those

in power, will trample on the losers, do each of two health officials are doing the Secretary, dry each one of two health

officials of the Division will do all the things that she has a real The Ming Zhao officials.

King fall to win, and ignore the millions of people a good show to go directly to her on the white flowers, no one will feel

surprised. Vision decline of the quiet, aristocratic officials Rulangsihu against her, and he does not feel strange. Just

like today, if things do not occur in both of the Division, the Yang Xuan Hao long period can also be blazing as usual, half

-lying on the sofa smoking, but also take the opportunity to help her get into analysis of what people in the end, those

caught person's pigtail, and who swearMBT Shoes Clearance attracted furious, where there is only get involved in this and other disaster

negligence ... ...

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