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different areas

Mystery child, you villain, for me only a second layer of the monks toMBT Shoes build the base for the kill, but also want to control

the hands of the Spirit. Is reDu Van nodded slightly and said: "So and so I look at his past church over there, anyway, there

are some things I need to be addressed, and this time will not you lead the way Mark Grandpa."

Old mark slightly surprised a moment, but still should be said: "I know three young master, then you please walking."

Du All "ah" sound, just want to turn away, but he suddenly frowned slightly and said: "Yes, Daniel Grandpa, I just heard you

say your family is talking about the recent income and expenditure of the Duke, right?"

Daniel Lengle Leng, or embarrassing, said: "Yes, three young master."

Du Van nodded: "So the recent balance of payments situation? I remember correctly, then we are basically relying on Green

home as a family fief of capital taxes, right? Fief is the recent non-collection of taxes?"

Daniel said: "I would not like ... just ... just ..." Here Daniel paused, then said only, "but the family feud in recent

years, the harvest is not good, not much revenue in taxes, there is these You paid a three-Master it is put in more money, so

now your family make ends meet ... a little ... "

Du Fan smile: "So is the case, presumably Daniel Yeye you want to persuade me not to get too Dashoudajiao right? Rest

assured, these three months only because Xiulian needs, so do I buy a little assistance of the Pharmacy , now I have exceeded

the natural levels will not be so quick success, so the future will not draw too much money in your home, so Daniel should

not be too worried about your grandfather. "

"So this is!" Daniel a look of shame, "If I had known three young master practitioners of the pharmaceutical assistance to

buy it, even Zaguomaitie I would scrape together the money out."

DU who smiled: "That would not, after all, I have spent a lot of money at home, and then go on, even if I excel at holy

order, the family also lost the light, relying on agents to enhance the progress of cultivation, after all, just a temporary

measure, long-term cultivation of course, continue to rely on their own efforts, so there you could not Daniel say, well,

there are things I have to leave today, you will continue to favor it. "

"Yes, sir walking!" Several said in unison steward.

Du Van nodded Abduction from the lobby out, went over the direction toward the backyard.

CNR head collar from the DU who drilled out and asked: "Du fan, you really do not depend on the future practice of pharmacy?

In that case, your progress will be slow, but oh?"

"Who says I do not rely on the pharmacy?" Du CNR who patted on the head.

"So you just say that."

Du Van sighed: "I just say that because I was too embarrassed to re-use the money at home, you know? We have been relying on

Green home manor of taxes to maintain the family business, coupled with Green is our manor house in the north, not rich, so

the Green, although the large family home, but was never wealthy. such as Bellenger home, relying on the proceeds of business

income year, it is estimated that our family for decades income above it. You took me several months to help hundreds of

thousands of gold, I guess that might be our home six months of income of the Green. "

CNR "Oh," a cry, and said: "That's how you do that for?"

"How can I do?" Du who threw your hands up, "and so on down to the hands of these Stone sold, can be worth watching and see

how long it can sustain, as a long-term practice, it is not a stable source of funds is certainly not, I'll think of a way to

make money as soon as possible out on the right. "

Said, Du Van shook his head, "knew alchemy so costs money, I say do not touch anything, but now that have already embarked on

this path, I will not give up. Fortunately, the three months to break the three-level, or else the people called to see my

mother, now really adults. "

Yuehua Jian, the two have come to the backyard door of the quiet little courtyard, where DU by the CNR head down, knocked on

the door before the door.

"Come in!" Faint voice of the Duchess passed out.

DU where fast order a bit, then opened the door and went inside.

Duchess was sitting on the edge of the window looking at aMBT Shoes Sale book in hand, came to see Du where, surprise of her eyes flashed,

could not help looking at the DU who glances, said: "My son can not think of a few months to see become a genius, I did want

to ask you a few months at home to draw what brought so much gold is used, but look at you like this, I ask not worth

mentioning. "

Du Van spit tongue, he naturally aware of their mother in this life is no easy task for this, but heard her say was

whispered: "This took so much money ... in fact, have nothing ... that is a bit of Pharmacy to buy assisted practice Bale? "

"Really?" The Duchess looked at DU where funny, "Well ... anyway, have not you putting on airs once or twice early on,

although I do not know anything without telling you in the end, but I'd know, you're that mixed kid will not lose out on the

right ... Well, you say, what things come to me today? "

"This ..." Mrs Van slight meal, "I actually wanted to come to his mother as an adult to see things."

Duchess nodded and said: "What?"

"Is this ... ..."

While talking, the gentle side of DU where a wave, read a spell, a wind shield and instantly appear in front of him.

Duchess finally face slightly changed this time, her tentative play the fingers lightly, a light blue grudge shot from her

fingertips hit the wind shield out on top, but the wind shield of the surface has only served to a ripple, put this grudge to


Saw this scene, the Duke of husband breathed talent, a beautiful face is covered with horror, she stared at DU who said:

"Little bastard, in the end is how you do it, I thought you had three months break three grudge has been a miracle, but now

the magic still broke three ... ... then you add up the two brothers have not you a so much ah! but I tell you little bastard

... I'm vindictive and magical kind of thing is greed more than one can chew, what you do not learn, learn other people Mowu

Mind and Body ... If there is no success since then, how you look at me afterwards. "

DU who smiled: "The mother adults you do not worry too much, I could have such success in three months, then who can

guarantee that I will not be able to break through? Worry mother adults, someday I will let you know, you the Green family is

said to be the son of the most waste, will not let you down. "

Duchess wiping his face again in a few smiles: "if you say so, I will say anything much, anyway, your kid must have a secret

without telling me right."

"Oh, yes," the Duchess in his arms groping for a moment, pulled out a ring thrown to Du Van, "This is the space used when I

was young, rings, although the inside space is not great, but because the ring magician is a little on the reasons supporting

role, giving you'd also good to do this be my mother, a good gift to you. "

Du ring hee hee who took the smile, but also blunt: "Thank you pull it, Mom."

Said, his spiritual force to explore inside the ring, could not help laughing, the ring in addition to storage and to

identify the main, the best role is to play a role in refreshing your breath, which for the magician it really is a good


To make their spiritual power inside the ring left a mark, the DU where again the other two rings stuffed into space, only

said: "Well, Mom, I am going to going to college entrance examination Roland, What do you think not? "

Volume evil god stick 013. Wand

"Roland College entrance examination?" The Duchess thought, said, "you'd want to go to Roland Institute of Education that

can, after all, we are not on the grid Lin Jiazu magician, has been in the family for your repair is not any effect, So if

you want to go, anyway, these days you stay in church all day, I would have used. "

Du Van hee hee smile, said: "Mom, that thanks, I'll go to the entrance examination, you can rest assured that I will never

lose our house faces Green."

Duchess sighed, and whispered: "Go Go ... ... to your current strength have been if not even the entrance examination, you

will not come back to see me."

"I know!"

Where a slight bend Du, fast back down.

Du looked at the direction of where the left, the Duchess frowned, fingers under the table top about knocking: "Mind and Body

within three months Mowu break three ... ... a bit too much to this degree, if only by a Milacron Pharmacy, then absolutely

impossible to have this effect, we say, Xiao-fan, what the other guy ... not a fortune ... I do not look into ... ... Well,

to that boy's temper, whether doing everything ... will not suffer ... "

The afternoon sun light falling on the earth above the heart of the empire Gavin empire, coming and going everywhere.

North-south business, the big 6 Roland placed on top of a wide range of specialties in the corner, dressed in ornate costumes

of the young master aristocratic ladies, servants of the owner in the cluster under the upturned nose at the Boulevard


In addition, some seem to come down very beggars huddled in a foot of a wall, glazed eyes at the passers-body sweep to sweep.

This place is the Royal Park's business district,MBT Shoes Clearance and Du noble who lived in different areas, this place is the empire's

prosperity and degradation are expressed most vividly.

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