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two million out of two

Where to stay DU can not help a bit, you know, for the magicianMBT Shoes, the limited power of their magic power and magic in addition

to the spirit, the most critical is the magic spell.

The same magic spell, under the effect of different people singing will be different, but the person singing the shorter the

time, the greater the power to play.

In fact, this is not what can not understand things, the faster the person singing the degree, the more that his

understanding and appreciation of magic spells are more thorough, in that case be able to hit the greater the power of magic,

but also a matter of course.

Moreover, the magic spell, the shorter the time singing, so when in actual combat, the more favorable magician, after all, in

actual combat, the enemy can not spell obediently wait for you to finish, and sometimes a second error can people lost for no


Thus, this can reduce the time sing magic spells magic wand, how rare is valuable.

Fat man who seemed to sense the terror of Elsie general, long before he smiled slightly: "Sir, Zhebing wand Well, I will not

say how much the price, but this thing, I only sell to people who know what's what, after all ... only know what's what

people understand its value, people do not know what's what, I am afraid I casually quoted price, he will Xiangui it. "

Du looked at the fat man who glances, his astute mind to sigh a few times, hesitated for a moment, before the wound where Du

said: "Zhebing magic wand, I'll take it!"

Haha a fat man laughed: "That is wonderful, do not know what price you come up with?"

Du Van waved his hand, said: "busy, in addition, the best weapon you then send to the store I see it."

Fat slightly surprised a moment, he could not help but read the DU where a deep, eyes flashed to a surprise, then, as the low

voice: "It seems what you really are not simple character, then arms, then it seems even , the general disdain is what you

had better to do something here in my century-old, to be otherwise, really still do not find what you want. "

Said he, raising his hand and took a few.

Shortly after, a waiter from the outside and give a long-shaped box.

I hand in the box above the plate a few times before and then said: "This is our best sword shop, though you do not know if

the appetite together, but apart from that, other things we really Nabuchushou it. "

Said, change the fat slowly opened the lid, and then edged sword is not long to Elsie who was in front.

This is the whole body silver edged dagger blade is not long, but very beautiful, trimmed with a number of places in the hilt

decorative stones, in short, in addition to fine and sharp, the Zhebing Jian Dao Hai really do not see What characteristics

come out.

DU who know the eyes are limited and may not live Zhebing Jian recognition was good, but he also knows that in front of the

fat is not what means something simple to 忽悠 themselves, who knocked the moment arms of the morning DU Chen's head, in my

mind asked: "CNR, Zhebing Jian what tricks?"

CNR seems to Zhebing Jian did not make much surprised, MBT Shoes Salea little does not matter, said: "This is a normal edged sword, but in

refining, when the blade into Mithril and Iron, in addition to the front to ensure that the sword outside edge, but also

allow additional time when the sword attack on a magic effect. But now Zhebing Jian not painted on the magic, so use the time

it wants does not have any magic effect. "

Du Van nodded, he knew most of the weapons are at best just a little sharp, able to attach a magic weapon attack effect can

be said that very few, after all, most of the weapons at all times to use weapons by itself The grudge to play strength.

But for Van Du, the Zhebing Jian idea is really good, as long as accompanied by several senior CNR magic in the above, then

maybe at what time it became a life-saving magic.

That thought in mind, Du who laugh, said: "is it, then the boss, these two things I'll take both."

A DU who say fat, fat face, just to squeeze into a chrysanthemum, estimated to be a long time have not encountered such a

great reason for customers, laughing fat man said: "You have a different nature is the best, but this price ... Well ...

maybe there will be a little bit on the high ... "seems to feel the DU where Menheng cry, fat busy then said," Of course,

once you buy two things, I naturally will give you a discount, then put it this way Zhebing Jian, we shop there is one price

- twenty thousand gold coins, I'll help you erase the fraction of decisions on their own good, as the price of this magic

wand that you'd like to see the mean. "

Du Van shook his head, said: "This business is not busy ... we've finished talking."

Fat surprised a moment, but soon laughed: "Do not know what you have to?"

Du Van shook his head, hand in the magic ring inside the bag and pulled out a magic stone, and casually flung the table

above, said: "Speaking of money, I really do not have so much body Daohai, but to take these things to do transactions , I

think you will not find it troublesome boss, right? "

Fat man wiping his face emerged a few doubts, but he quickly opened the bag, and then looked at it could not help but breath

and said: "you are prepared to use the magic stone to change these two things?"

Looked at his face could not conceal the greed of fat, Du who sneer a cry, and only said: "Of course not, but I would like to

shop in addition to the sale of your weapons, should also recover Stone, right? The value of these things I think you than I

know, I was too lazy to go to other places to sell, as long as you give a similar price, I lose points even if it does not

matter that? "

Fat deep breath before we said: "Well, sir, could you break in here, I'll be right back."

Du Van nodded and said: "Go."

Fat readily caught in the bag inside a few Stone, quickly washed out, after less than a moment before he came back and sat

down in situ, said: "Sir, we want your group of Stone, and However, these two things together, we can more out of two million

gold coins, you feel satisfied with the price? "

Mrs Stone who do not know the market price of fact, how much, but he did not know the fat man too 忽悠 himself, coupled with

his shots do not bother to find their own local, moment to croon a cry nodded, turning the table received on two things

inside the ring of space, only said: "Well ... the price can be considered fair, as a way of payment ... ..."

Fat man smiled and work out from the arms of two crystal cards placed in front of DU who said: "You must have also realized

this thing, this is the sacred white crystal Vatican line cards, which each of them save one million gold coins inside, and

anonymous, but to go anywhere at any time the church extraction, this settlement, you must have also satisfied with it. "

Where the crystal card DU took it into the space inside the ring, could not help but burst into tears: look at it, I wait for

the next go to the slave market to buy some cute little LORI LORI play to develop, by the way this Late flower girls can go

and discuss matters relating to the Jinwucangjiao!

CNR in DU who could not help but snort mind to show her disdain, who is gorgeous but Du views ignored her.

Readily sorted out your own clothes, Du fat guy who faint in front of a chuckle: "Well, today this way, the future, if

necessary, I will come again."

Fat bowing of the DU where sent to the door, whispered: "Then you, the time when I remember again."

Who did not mention whether DU is not the "ah" sound, and turned to leave, this time just like to think of what fat-like,

said: "Yes, sir, Nabing wand named 'Phantom', Nabing sword named 'Silver Moon' "

Du Van nodded and whispered: "Phantom ... Silver ... also are really good name for it ... ..."

Said, he no longer see a fat man, left.

'd Fat man, looking at his back froze for a long time, after a moment and sighed slightly.

Fat side of a waiter whispered: "the boss I do not understand that Stone though valuable, but most will be the value of the

last 2.5 million gold coins, gold coins you add twoMBT Shoes Clearance million out of two things with him that for the batch of magic stone, no

matter how I feel we did not make a count ah? "

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