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WF11 Dimension in Metal

Welcome to WF11 Dimension in Metal!

My challenge is aimed at bringing color back into my very white snowy world...and for me nothing does that like flowers.

Challenge:  Create at least 3 layers of metal petals and manipulate the petals to create a dimensional flower. Your project should be newly created for this challenge March 5-13, 2011 and it may be combined with other challenges.  Please be sure your posted flower project contains stamping.  

Sample Inspiration:  Dimensional flowers are the rage of the season but I have not seen many made of metal and stamped. So now is the time to get it a try!   Here is a fun and easy method to get started working with metal.  Feel free to use any part of these sample instructions you wish…or simply use it as inspiration to jumpstart your mojo!

# 1   I recycle empty beverage cans for my metal.  It takes 2 cans for each flower sample.  Note after rinsing a can with water a small amount of water generally remains inside… so I keep a  small rag handy to mop up any water droplets. 

To determine where to cut, I press on the side of the can close to the top. The slanted rims are much thicker metal than the main body of the can.  I only use the thinner metal from the main body of the can. Safety glasses and gloves may be worn. To cut off the top of the can I lay it on its side and make a snip with regular scissors.  Then I cut off the top, across the body and finally cut off the bottom.  I cut off the ragged edges so not to cut myself. I immediately and carefully dispose of all pieces of metal other than the large main body…any splinters of metal can easily become hazardous.

#2  I use the big thick steel flower dies to cut my shapes with my Cuttlebug.  (Of course shapes can be stamped with large stamps and cut or flower shapes can be cut freehand.)

To stack the “sandwich”:

  1. begin base with a B plate
  2. add the big die on top- metal side up
  3. add metal next-wrong side up- note 1 sheet of metal will not cover entire die
  4. B plate  

Crank sandwich through the Cuttlebug


The die cutting process naturally creates rolled edges to the back of the flower.

I extended the cuts of the flowers petals towards the flower center to allow for more manipulation of each petal. Stamp, emboss, color and shape flower layers as desired.  Punch a hole in center of each flower layer and connect the layers with a brad.  I bet you will be surprised at how light these flowers are!  They cling great to a magnet disk (not so well to the magnet sheets).  Mine are decorating my refrigerator and file cabinet until it’s time to share a bit of sunshine with a few friends.

Posting your challenge-To be included in the drawing for a random RAK at the end of WF be sure to-

  1. When uploading your picture check the box for this challenge as you complete the details.
  2.  Post a picture in the gallery with descriptive details.
  3. Leave comments about your experience with this challenge…as well as a link to your gallery post on the stamping forum thread for this specific challenge

Thanks for playing my challenge! ….Can’t wait to see your flowers bloomin’ in the gallery!

Have lots of fun stamping during winterfest!!!...Jan



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