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From the Archives: 12 Weeks to Baby's First Year

We're digging up archives so that finding the past class events and series that inspire you is easier than ever!  Find these archives and others in either the Free Monthly Classes section or Events section.

In this 12 week series, Garden Girl and Digital Designer Erica Hernandez guides you through the process of planning for your album to documenting everyday life moments and milestones.  By the end of the series you will have recorded the story of bringing your child home from the hospital all the way up to your child's first birthday!  Click on the lessons for in-depth articles and free printable elements.


Week One: Planning & Preparing Your Album Week One Assignment: Title Page


Week Two: Milestones

Week Two Assignment: Create a notebook for milestone comments, prepare template pages.


Week Three: Milestones Part 2 - Firsts

Week Three Assignment: Decide on firsts you'd like to record, prepare template pages.


Week Four: The Birth Story 

Week Four Assignment: Decide the level of information you'd like to share; document the birth story or create a page for when your child is born.



Week Five: Welcome Home Week Five Assignment: Share the story and create a page on the expectations/reflections you had during this time of your baby's story.


Week Six: Memorabilia Week Six Assignment: Sort and display memorabilia; prepare for future memorabilia


Week Seven: Religious Practices & Ceremonies

Week Seven Assignment: Document how your spirituality affects raising your child and create a page.


Week Eight: Relationships Part 1 Week Eight Assignment: Create a family tree layout


Week Nine: Relationships Part 2 

Week Nine Assignment: Determine who plays key roles in your child's life and create a layout


Week Ten: Holidays  

Week Ten Assignment: Consider the questions in last week's assignment, make notes of what you'd like to cover, create a layout or series of layouts based on these reflections.


Week Eleven: Daily Routines

Week Eleven Assignment: Think about the daily routine you have with your child & create a layout


Week Twelve: First Birthday/Wrapping It Up 

Week Twelve Assignment: Document your child's first birthday as well as an ending page to your album

See more baby pages from Erica Hernandez here and other work here:


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User Comments On This Blog Post

LonR said...

I used this class as a guideline for my first 3 baby books and am looking forward to going through it again with baby 4! Thanks - I've got it bookmarked so it will be waiting for me. :o)

3/10/2011 8:22:43 PM

Curlygir9 said...

Thank your for this. I need some inspiration to do a album. Now just to find the right products is a totally different story. I have been searching your site for the right paper.
Any suggestions for a baby girl?

3/12/2011 8:41:06 AM

ca angel said...

This is great! My DD is almost 2 and I really need to get started on her book. Thanks!

3/18/2011 4:11:49 PM

dia.36 said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

5/23/2011 12:11:36 PM

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