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WF11 -- Second Chance Hangover Challenge

Did you complete all of the challenges you had planned to?  I noticed that some of us were just getting started when Winterfest 2011 was ending.  Not to worry!

This new challenge will begin Monday, March 14, and end on Sunday, March 20. 

Your task is to complete any WF11 challenge you have not already completed.  It has to be something new, but it cannot be another Hangover Challenge.

If you completed every single WF11 challenge, then and only then can you repeat one.  Don't forget the Drive-by Challenges!

You may combine regular WF11 challenges for this one, but you may not combine other Hangover Challenges with one.

Any questions?  Go to the Discussion Thread to ask questions and share your ideas. 

When you post your project in the gallery, begin with WF11 Hangover and add the name of the original challenge, for example, WF11 Hangover-Make a Scene.  Check the Challenge Box that says WF11 Second Chance Hangover Challenge.

When you have posted your project in the gallery, go to the Discussion Thread and tell us how it went--the good and the bad, and link your gallery post there.

Have fun and enjoy your Second Chance!



ETA: One more very important thing. Be sure to also go to the original challenge thread and post a link. Let our hosts and hostesses know their challenges continue to inspire us.


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