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30 Days of Stamping & Cardmaking at Two Peas beginning April 1st

*Edited to add:  We're live!!!  See the event here!

We're springing into stamping and cardmaking this April, bringing you new projects and inspiration each day, all month!  

This is an event you won't want to miss as we've been making plans to bring you content to boost your creativity, partnering with the vendors whose product you love and the artists whose work you admire.  Here is what you'll find the event entails...all just for you and all for free!

- We're thrilled to have joining us special guests Tim Holtz, Ali Edwards, Rhonna Farrer, Jennifer McGuire, Claudine Hellmuth, Wendy Vecchi, Shari Carrol, and more!  Learn their tips and tricks and try them out for yourself.

-  You asked and we listened!  Our Garden Girls and guests have prepared a series of card sets showing you how to use one stamp multiple ways.

- Perhaps you aren't a stamper, but love to share cards with your loved ones - we will have a weekly focus on making cards without the use of stamps.

Stamping in scrapbooking.  Are you ready to use this craft and pair it with your photos and stories?  We're ready to show you our ideas!

-  And as always, there will be challenges + prizes thanks to our many generous sponsors!

I hope you'll join us April 1st in the Events section of Classes & Events(And nope, we're not pulling an April Fool's prank...;)

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User Comments On This Blog Post

jennelamb said...

i can't wait, it sounds like soo much fun!!! marking the calendar ;-)

3/22/2011 7:41:45 PM

Monica B said...

This sounds awesome! I can't wait =)

3/22/2011 11:50:24 PM

Far North said...

WoW...this sounds like lots of fun! Thanks Jamie for organizing a entire month of fun!...Jan

3/23/2011 12:40:39 AM

LoveRibbons said...

Wow sounds great!

3/23/2011 6:45:31 AM

paperpilekitten said...

I almost fell off the chair out of excitement when I saw the special guest list!! Tim, Ali, Rhonna... *swoon*

Two Peas's events are exceeding any expectations, every time! I don't know how you do that! Thank you! :)

3/23/2011 7:00:20 AM

mabelm said...

Can't wait!! =)

3/23/2011 7:24:59 AM

scrappie4 said...

This will be so fun.I'm not a really big stamper, but I do stampand I'm so ready to learn more.....

3/23/2011 7:57:09 AM

devildog said...

I'm so excited! I look forward to the current classes and now we'll get a new class everyday. Doesn't get much better than that. Thank you 2Peas!

3/23/2011 9:24:16 AM

haveitall said...

Maybe I can use the 1,000's of stamps that I have sitting around. LOL

3/23/2011 9:59:40 AM

Tam2 said...

Can't wait!!! Thank you

3/23/2011 10:12:00 AM

oldwesternpea said...

Sounds interesting and fun. Hope I have loads of time to participate.

3/23/2011 11:20:56 AM

JanHic said...

Oh my god guys - if i fail my finals its all because of you guys. How can this event not distract a person from studying.. :)

3/23/2011 11:34:17 AM

irish unicorn said...

All I can say is:


3/23/2011 2:36:43 PM

akaMyran said...

Woohoo! Can't wait :)

3/23/2011 3:03:08 PM

Tashak said...

Sounds great!! Hope Nichol is part of this!

3/23/2011 3:21:38 PM

walesk said...

yay!! :)

3/23/2011 4:32:56 PM

Bonscraps said...

Thank You 2peas, I can hardly wait!!!!

3/23/2011 5:12:50 PM

juliannas said...

hey that sounds cool i have a qustion how do u get sponsors

3/23/2011 7:16:33 PM

mrightley said...

This sounds great! I am so excited!

3/23/2011 9:57:32 PM

Anna-Karin said...

This sounds like so much fun!! A whole month of stamping fun. Thank you for organising this Jamie!

3/24/2011 2:17:31 AM

scorpiobaby said...

So thrilled about this class! I just stocked up on stamps bought from here and cannot wait to see how I can incorporate them onto my scrapbooking pages.

Thanks Jamie for putting together this class :)

3/24/2011 12:58:21 PM

sdcowgirl said...

Wow, I can't wait. This is just waht I am looking for.

3/24/2011 2:14:00 PM

Mary56 said...

This Definitely sounds like fun! I can't wait either!

3/24/2011 3:38:23 PM

mindilynn said...

I love stamping & card making...sounds like fun!!!

3/24/2011 9:41:37 PM


Oh I cannot wait... This sounds like a blast :)

3/25/2011 2:18:37 AM

glenys said...

sounds fantastic! thanks so much!

3/25/2011 6:57:24 AM

Java Girl said...

You've got me hooked. Can't wait for it to start. Thanks to all for this event.

3/25/2011 7:48:41 AM

ozzigirl said...

Sounds wonderful, can't wait!

3/25/2011 11:49:54 AM

forpahl5 said...

Can't wait this is going to be so fun! Thanks for doing this!

3/25/2011 1:42:02 PM

candida_18 said...

love love LOVE it!

3/25/2011 2:11:44 PM

scrappie01 said...

Thank you 2Peas and Tim Holtz, Ali Edwards, Rhonna Farrer, Jennifer McGuire, Claudine Hellmuth, Shari Carrol, and more! Classes sound like they will inspire creativity. Can't wait.

3/25/2011 10:29:48 PM

Theresia said...

Just love this, can't wait.

3/26/2011 4:41:43 PM

gentlymas said...


3/26/2011 8:58:53 PM

lizloves2scrap said...

Sounds great! I'm excited.

3/27/2011 12:07:02 AM

sassiescrapper said...

Wow, loving your special guests list! Can't wait! I started this hobby as a stamper. Looking forward to the one stamp multiple ways and stamping in scrapbooking ideas. Thanks so much!!

3/28/2011 12:09:35 AM

Michelle K said...

I'm quite new to stamping, but am quickly becoming obsessed!! Can't WAIT for an entire month of how-to's and great ideas!!!!!!

3/28/2011 7:15:33 AM

lots2scrap said...

What a guest list! What a fun month April looks to be.

3/28/2011 11:52:24 AM

mayskaya said...

Can't wait! Sounds awesome :)

3/28/2011 12:44:28 PM

stampinwjulie said...

I need the inspiration to stamp again! I can't wait for Friday.

3/29/2011 7:12:16 AM

DebScriven said...

How exciting to have all of the extra tutors. Don't know how I will fit it all in but I'm marking the calendar anyway!

3/29/2011 7:20:51 AM

pumpkinsmom said...

Oh boy, I can't wait.

3/29/2011 3:34:02 PM

iheartart said...

ooooh! I cannot wait to see this! I'm a stamper and this totally speaks to me :)

3/29/2011 9:10:00 PM

tampascrapper said...

Can't wait!!

3/30/2011 8:33:57 AM

raeraesma said...

YAY!!!! I can't wait! I love two peas, you're the best! Thank you!!!♥

3/31/2011 10:00:06 AM

stampinlynda said...

Thank you!!!! I'm a long time stamper, and am so excited about this new step for you. Can't wait to see what you have for us!

3/31/2011 8:32:59 PM

michellesielman said...

Yay! super excited:-)

3/31/2011 9:18:03 PM

rsalamon said...

Sounds like a great month of fun times! Only one more day!!

3/31/2011 9:34:02 PM

Rumplesnat said...

I'm so excited!

3/31/2011 10:29:41 PM

CarolinaPanthersFan said...

This is awesome, can't wait for tomorrow!!

3/31/2011 10:38:26 PM

charygirl said...

{insert whistle here} counting the minutes!

3/31/2011 11:27:53 PM

msgaddy said...

I can't wait! I have wanted to get into cardmaking for a while and I need to learn to use my stamps more. So this will be perfect for me!!

4/1/2011 12:59:10 AM

Jyotsna said...

I can't wait any more... This will be so much fun. I am also waiting for the new products..... Yippieeeeee....

4/1/2011 1:36:11 AM

tortagialla said...

Woohoo! Yay for April!

4/1/2011 1:42:17 AM

baersgarten said...

are you sure it is not April fool's? :) it sounds wonderful, I can't wait!

4/1/2011 4:58:59 AM

Pottle said...

Woo hoo! We are getting an April Fool's Day storm, so school was canceled! I can start playing early! Let's get this party going!

4/1/2011 5:09:44 AM

Craftastrophe said...

Cool, never done one of these be 4...think it's about time! Thx 4 doin it.

4/1/2011 5:14:01 AM

pumpkinsmom said...

I can't wait for this. Thanks.

4/1/2011 5:54:05 AM

tammie27 said...

This is so fabulous... so many wonderful artists. So excited to see all the great projects and ideas to inspire us! Thanks 2 Peas!

4/1/2011 12:34:51 PM

ising2dlord said...

Yay! So fun!

4/10/2011 10:08:10 PM

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