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Guest Designer of the Week: Heidi Sonboul

Guest Designer of the Week
This week I'm excited to introduce long-time AC fan and talented crafter: Heidi Sonboul!

P2057499 (Large)
P3108561 (Large) Supplies: Neopolitan Nellie Paper (35327) - Confetti, Cherry Chip Paper (35336) - Confetti, Lucy Lemon Twist Paper (35331) - Confetti, Fruit Punch Frannie Paper (35325) - Confetti, Cake (78042) - Details, Variety Buttons (85518) - Elements, Decorative Tags (85533) - Bits

"I took a lot of scraps and the ends of the 12x12 sheets of patterned paper (where the company name and barcode are) and layered them to create a fun look. I then added a row of buttons and a cute cupcake for more texture."

P3108574 (Large) Supplies: Fruit Punch Frannie Paper (35325) - Confetti, Neopolitan Nellie Paper (35327) - Confetti, Lucy Lemon Twist Paper (35331) - Confetti, Wishes Accents & Phrases (43390) - Minimarks

"I used the patterned paper with tons of little flowers on it, cut them out, and created a small garden on my card. I added a fun little bow and aged the sides to give it a vintage look."
P3108583 (Large) P3108586 (Large) Supplies: Holly Hazelnut Paper (35323) - Confetti, Coconut Cody Paper (35328) - Confetti, Marley Mocha Paper (35334) - Confetti, Candles (87649) - Boxed Ribbon, Invitation (72006) - Delights, Decorative Tags (85533) - Bits

"I took an old box and adhered patterned paper and cardstock around it to cover it."

To make the bow:
1) Cut four strips of 12x1" patterned paper. 
2) Take each strip and pull the ends into the middle of the strip and glue (don't crease the ends so it stays full and fluffy).
3) Once you have done that to all the strips, layer them on top of each other and glue in place.
4) Add a paper fan flower in the center.
P2208075 (Large) Supplies: Neopolitan Nellie Paper (35327) - Confetti, Cherry Chip Paper (35336) - Confetti, Betty Bundt Paper (35324) - Confetti, Sadie Spice Cake Paper (35333) - Confetti, Party Favor (72007) - Delights, Patterned Buttons (85530) - Elements, Variety Buttons (85518) - Elements, Decorative Tags (85533) - Bits, Cheer Parrot (53154) - Thickers

"I love little pictures and the collage look. To get this look I first placed down my photos and worked around them. Adding in buttons and lots of patterned paper adds a lot of fun texture."
P2208101 (Large) Supplies: Neopolitain Nellie Paper (35327) - Confetti, Triple Chocolate Charlie Paper (35332) - Confetti, Holly Hazelnut (35323) - Confetti, Sadie Spice Cake Paper (35333) - Confetti, Darbie Devil's Food Paper (35339) - Confetti, Variety Buttons (85518) - Elements, Cheer Accents Multi (53157) - Thickers, Ruthie (59138) - Clear Stamps, Pin the Tail (42186) - Remarks

"I love to pull my themes from my photos and use it throughout my papers/layouts. These pictures are of my boys at the park so I created a sunny park theme. I made my grass, added the adorable flowers, cut out some clouds, and made my 'little-button-sun-framed-title'. Also I'm a BIG fan of fun journaling... so make sure you read it if you get the chance :)"
P3098522 (Large)Supplies: Frankie Fudge Paper (35342) - Confetti, Suzie Strawberry (35330) - Confetti, Coconut Cody Paper (35328) - Confetti, Confetti Clubhouse Glitter Chipboard (77247) - House, Heart Parfait (53093) - Thickers, Invitation (72006) - Delights, Pin the Tail (42186) - Remarks

"I love these photos from my 29th birthday and was so excited to find that the papers and embellishments match them so well. These pre-made flowers made this page go really fast. I only spent about 45 minutes on this layout. When creating a simple layout I use larger embellishments and bright patterned papers."

Here's a little get-to-know Heidi:

How did you get started scrapbooking?
I've been a crafter from the beginning! I can remember playing under quilting bees as a child and handing the needle back up to my mom. When I was six I learned how to sew and I would sell Barbie clothes to my friends that I made. When I was seven my mother would have me practice calligraphy and when I was ten I had a best friend and her mother loved Stampin' Up! Every time I went to her home she would let me play with the stamps. When I was 11 I was hooked on anything crafty. When I was 14 I received my very first scrapbook album and I filled it in a month. I'm now 29 going on 30 and I scrap every single day. I heart this hobby so much!

What would you say your scrapbooking “style” is?
Oooo... everything! I love all styles! From simple to 20 layers on a layout... I love to do it all. I find great job in the small details to misting. So, I would say my style is "Everything". LOL can that be my answer?!

What is your favorite technique?
I love taking a paper or an embellishment and turing it into something totally different. I love to cut the heck out of everything and I love LOVE my craft knife. Oh and I sew on just about every layout :) I'm in love with the way it adds more texture to a layout/project.

When do you find time to scrap?
I feel so blessed because my job is in the scrapbook world. I work full time as a DT coordinator and at night time I scrapbook once the boys are in bed M-F.  

On average, how long does it take you to complete a project?
LOL good question! I never use a sketch, I never have a plan when I start, and I pull all my ideas from the photos. I've been known to almost be done with a layout, not feel that's it's right, and I'll cut it in half and scrap from that point. Most people I crop with think I'm crazy, but I go until I get it right. The longest I've spent on a layout was about 5 hours. My goal is to make every layout different. Fastest was 10 minutes.

What is your favorite thing about American Crafts?
Oh man... where do I start?! I've been a fan for years! I love the bright colors, the fun designs, the yummy cardstock, their team (such fun people!), and way more! I pull their stuff every time I scrapbook. It really is the base of almost all my projects, which says a lot for me. I feel like every collection was made just for me and it's almost like they can see in my head while they create the next "new" collection.

Heidi always has fun things she's made and scrappy inspiration on her blog - check it out!

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