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Get to know Laura Craigie

Laura Craigie

Please help us welcome cardmaker, stamper and scrapper Laura Craigie as she has just joined our team of Garden Girls!  Here is a little about Laura:


my name: Laura Craigie, although many including my husband call me Lulu.

favorite cardmaking & stamping techniques: I love embossing, both dry and heat with stamps, and I really enjoy making paper flowers.

music: Everything from The Beatles to Lady Gaga, to Taylor Swift. I really like it all. Well, I could do without Polka ;)

work space: A corner of my kids playroom, and it's quite the disaster zone. I really wish I could be perfect and organized. One day!

style: This is always the dreaded question for me. I think in general I like fun colours, sewing and a little bit of sparkle. But sometimes quick simple cards make me happy and other times I'll sit and putter around for hours on a detailed card. Usually it's something between the two.

color preference: Warm happy colours. Peach, yellow, teal, pink, apple green, lilac, all colours that make me smile.

favorite product type: Tags, buttons, alphabet sticker.

childhood ambition: To be a Mother. On career day in elementary I stuffed my stomach and carried a toy doll to school. My wish came true with 3 amazing little boys- Isaiah, Griffin & Everett. :)

fondest memory: So many! But most recently was the moment we were told we could take Everett home from the hospital. He had been in the Nicu for a blood problem after birth, and just the day before we had been told "weeks" possibly, so when things drastically changed in a day and they told us we could go home as a family I melted. After such emotional trauma on my heart it was a moment of pure bliss and disbelief that is etched in my mind.

soundtrack: With all boys? Mostly flighting, giggles, super hero talk, fighting, giggles, star wars talk, and repeat. But I love every moment.

retreat: A bubble bath and a good book

wildest dream: To own a farmhouse on a large property complete with a pond, geese, and horses.

proudest moment:  When I overheard my middle boy on his first day of preschool tell the other kids that they needed to share, and play nicely. Apparently they DO listen to their Momma!

biggest challenge: Getting over my fear of driving. I turn 30 this year, and plan to finally get my license. It's a personal phobia of mine.

alarm clock: My sweet baby boy

perfect day: A day at the beach splashing around and looking for crabs with the boys.

first job: Paper route

indulgence Chocolate covered Gummy Bears, seriously, they are heaven!

last purchase: An R2D2 Stuffed robot that beeps.

favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice, no contest. I rotate between my 3 versions.

inspiration: Currently, clicking through Pinterest.

my life: Stay at home mom to my 3 boys. I also have a wonderful, amazing, supportive husband who is my best friend. I am so blessed!

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