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National Scrapbook Day at Two Peas

National Scrapbook Day at Two Peas in a Bucket

National Scrapbook Day is Saturday, May 7th and we're celebrating with an all-weekend crop beginning on Friday!  Here is what our "virtual crop" will entail Friday, Saturday & Sunday:

* Creative challenges going up all weekend from the Garden Girls as well as the Digi Designers and Creative Team members!  You'll have a week to work on the challenges.  If you miss a day, just play along when you have a chance later that week!

* Scheduled chats with the Garden Girls, Digi Designers & Creative Team members.  Here is the schedule:


Friday, May 6th:

Nichol Magouirk   Dianne Rigdon   Laura O'Donnell   Jen Martakis

Chat with Garden Girl Nichol Magouirk at 1pm CST

Chat with Digital Designer Dianne Rigdon and Laura O'Donnell at 5 pm CST

Chat with Garden Girl Jen Martakis at 7pm CST

Saturday, May 7th *NSD*


Chat with Garden Girl Laura Craigie at 12 pm CST

Chat with Garden Girl Shannon Tidwell  at 8 pm CST

Sunday, May 8th


Chat with Garden Girl Shimelle Laine at 2pm CST

Chat with Digital Designer Rebecca Bonneville and Creative Team member Aussiekat 8 pm CST

* New! Project Hop - similar to a blog hop, but with projects right here at Two Peas.  We'll begin with a project and video from our founder, Kristina, and follow the links, or "hop," from project to project.  You'll see projects from the same fab group - GG's, Digi Designers and CT Members.  Follow through the hop by leaving a comment for your chance to win goodies from Two Peas and our designers!  

* An abundance of prizes and giveaways when you join in on the chats, challenges and project hop!  And why yes, you'll earn a badge too. ;)

***Find everything on the National Scrapbook Day message board (coming soon!).  

Question about how an online crop works? 

Participating in an online crop is simple and fun!  You can take part in all or some of the activities - it's up to you.  No registration is required; just jump right in!

Our chat hostesses will be chatting for one hour at their schedule time (TBA soon!).  These chats are about anything and everything.  You'll see the title of a thread will say something like "6 pm chat w/ Garden Girl ____ here!"  Click on the thread to view the chat, click 'post reply' when you want to chime in, and keep clicking that refresh button to see the latest response as the Peas are a chatty bunch!

 Each hostess will also be sharing challenges to jumpstart your scrapbooking that you can work on throughout the week.  When you create a project for a challenge, you can share it in our member gallery by clicking 'Upload New Project.'  By submitting to a challenge you will be entered in a drawing where a winner will be sent a prize pack from Two Peas.  These challenges will be posted that Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The link to each challenge will be given in the opening of their chat thread.

Hope to see you there, Peas!

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User Comments On This Blog Post

Wish You Were Here said...

Cool! I can't wait. I'll be getting home from vacation on Friday -- just in time to join in on the fun! :)

4/22/2011 2:42:20 PM

Characterfan said...

I'm excited I've had it marked on my calendar for weeks now..but wasn't sure what 2peas would be doing. Now I know I'll be camped out at my computer all weekend.

4/22/2011 3:30:35 PM

Monica B said...

sooo excited! I am off the entire weekend and have nothing else going on, so lots of uninterrupted scrap time for me!

4/22/2011 4:14:10 PM

scrappycass said...

Cool! Sounds like a lot of fun!

4/22/2011 4:22:56 PM

Tashak said...

Can't wait!!

4/22/2011 9:19:13 PM

jmgesi said...

I love online crops. You are all such a fun bunch to chat with. Hopefully my schedule cooperates! I'll plan to see you all there.

4/22/2011 9:43:45 PM

kkrewtea said...


4/22/2011 9:45:53 PM

debikins said...

I hope to be able to join in although I tend to get a little OCD about these crops in trying to do all the challenges. LOL

4/23/2011 1:21:15 AM

Melissa Elsner said...

Love NSD at 2peas!

4/23/2011 1:31:16 AM

shimelle said...

So excited to be a part of a fab NSD at Two Peas! :)

4/23/2011 3:04:49 AM

LindaBabe54 said...

I might actually try this - never cropped online before.

4/23/2011 5:58:48 AM

burrygirl said...

Sounds awesome. Can't wait! =)

4/23/2011 12:10:40 PM

karynhaines said...

So excited for it...the semester will be over and I can get a much needed respite from cramming for finals and get some much needed scrapping and hopefully some scrap organizing done.

4/23/2011 4:36:37 PM

scrapperjen1 said...

I think I'm actually off work that weekend! Wahoo!

4/23/2011 9:34:36 PM

meterr said...

Awesome!! Cant wait!!!!

4/23/2011 10:59:18 PM

DeborahL591 said...


4/24/2011 5:25:33 PM

jyotsnakandpal said...

Wowieeeeee...... This is so cooll..... I am falling in love with Two Peas now.. <3..

4/25/2011 1:54:45 AM

scrpnmomof4 said...

Yay....looks like I may be able to join in on the fun!!! Cant wait!!!

4/25/2011 7:48:03 AM

baersgarten said...

love the crops, can't wait til NSD!

4/25/2011 3:25:56 PM

janedee said...

Yay! Can't wait!

4/25/2011 3:35:47 PM

Tam2 said...

Can't wait! I'm super glad that it will be all weekend long & we'll have a week to post our projects! This means more time to chat : )

4/25/2011 10:10:25 PM

TwelveRanunculas said...

Looking forward! My first NSD with Two Peas! :3

4/25/2011 11:02:44 PM

alwaysa4hmember said...

I have to work all day Friday (boo!) but will only have a short day on Saturday. Hopefully I'll get to join in. It will be easier since I have a laptop now.

4/26/2011 12:13:52 AM

click2scrap said...

Yeah! I love 2Ps online crops! :)

4/26/2011 10:24:15 AM

asmart99 said...

I better get my pictures printed! This will be fun! :)

4/26/2011 10:45:15 PM

cheerchic1988 said...

Just ordered a ton of pictures to get ready! So excited!

4/28/2011 6:16:49 AM

scrappie4 said...

cant' wait for this to start.!!! excited

4/28/2011 9:10:07 AM

GR8LSUFAN said...

YAY, it will be a busy weekend, but I may be able to manage getting to play a little in the evenings!

4/28/2011 3:55:57 PM

Kentuckianna said...

So looking forward to the Garden Girl chat.

4/28/2011 5:14:43 PM

roxyzsewcrafty said...

I can't wait! I love these events!

4/28/2011 7:03:55 PM

scrapcreator said...

I can't wait! I'm ordering pictures, getting a couple of new sketch books and organizing page kits.

4/28/2011 7:29:55 PM

msdixie said...

ok you sold me!
i've been teetering between 2peas and another site but this weekend crop thing has caught me hook line and sinker! i can't wait! i have never done an online crop (for that matter, an official crop at all, other than girlfriends coming over for the day) - and i am super excited to hang out 'in the garden' with all of you that weekend!


4/29/2011 8:11:25 AM

norcha said...

Can't wait! Love NSD at 2peas!

4/29/2011 11:04:06 AM

lorybucaria said...

I hope to' can partecipate I can't wait :)

4/29/2011 11:19:43 AM

twillis26 said...

Sounds like fun!

4/29/2011 2:31:33 PM

kittymomma said...

This is my favorite holiday! LOL Seriously, DH has been warned for MONTHS that I am going to be scrapping....sleeping(barely) and scrapping! LOL I can't wait for the crop.

4/29/2011 8:23:37 PM

Bente Fagerberg said...

This is going to be so much fun!! Can't ait to see what will be happening!!

4/30/2011 8:14:23 AM

misscindy said...

Sounds like fun. I'm putting it on my calendar:)

5/1/2011 2:25:52 AM

fruitysuet said...

Eeek better get my desk cleared ready!

5/1/2011 5:12:34 AM

Peijuan said...

Sound fun! :D Cant wait for it to start :D

5/1/2011 7:24:11 AM

sdcowgirl said...

Sounds like fun. I will be joining in. Can't wait.

5/1/2011 10:47:10 AM

salt-of-the-earth said...

Will this begin on Friday May 6th through May 13th? I'm looking forward to it!

5/1/2011 10:55:21 AM

colour and ink said...

Can't wait.

5/1/2011 2:28:58 PM

janedee said...

Planning on scrapping all day Saturday at the least!!

5/2/2011 12:58:36 PM

createdbyEmilly said...

I'm so excited, can't wait!

5/2/2011 4:36:32 PM

DanaScraps43 said...

Sounds like a load of fun and I hope to take part in some of it if not all. Lol. Thanks so much.

5/2/2011 7:26:56 PM

Sweet~N~Scrappy said...

I am so excited! I have cleared out my scraproom of all the junk and I have my BFF coming to join in on the fun!

5/3/2011 9:48:59 AM

asiverson said...

I'll play along! Thanks!

5/3/2011 12:59:42 PM

g8rchik said...

I haven't scrapped in a month so I can't wait to get something done this weekend!

5/3/2011 1:43:51 PM

emily a said...

love me some nsd & chatting! see you on friday! can't wait!

5/4/2011 2:47:19 PM

pebbles831 said...

Can't wait!

5/4/2011 10:20:53 PM

gaw193 said...

I tried to participate last year and ended up missing it all because of work. I think I can participate Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday after church. I could use some mojo to get going again.

5/5/2011 6:17:59 AM

samanthasibbet said...

this looks like fun, I am definitely joining in on the activities. Thanks 2 peas! Thanks Jamie!

5/5/2011 5:52:20 PM

cindygeoa said...

I'm so excited too. I plan to be scrapping in my 2peas 10th anniversary t-shirt. Heck, I'll even put on my pink crocs to match the t-shirt!

5/5/2011 11:17:42 PM

Bonscraps said...

I am working this weekend, but I hope to find a bit of time to check in and maybe play a little...and have some fun. Thanks 2peas

5/6/2011 8:57:22 AM

mousegray said...

When will the message board for NSD weekend crop be up?

5/6/2011 9:55:37 AM

JBSmom said...

can't wait for it! My desk is cleaned off and ready to go!

5/6/2011 10:15:08 AM

gaw193 said...

I made it and waiting to participate in my very first chat. So excited.

5/6/2011 5:58:07 PM

airbs said...

My weekend is kinda random, but I will try and visit when I can.

5/6/2011 10:10:19 PM

sbookinshay29 said...

jamie! i lost the link to the challenges, & cannot find it again, how do i find them again??

5/7/2011 11:16:41 PM

ising2dlord said...

So sorry I missed it!

5/11/2011 4:41:04 PM

brandy210 said...

aww, i can't believe it missed it.

5/17/2011 9:00:40 PM

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