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Guest Designer of the Week: Melissa Mann

Guest Designer of the Week
The guest designer of the week is Melissa MannHeadshot 1 You're going to LOVE the things she did with Flair!

Beach-Time---Layout Supplies: Lagoon (71066) - Cardstock, White (71081) - Cardstock, Cozumel Paper (35420) - Margarita, Brilliance Paper (35415) - Hello Sunshine, Guacamole Paper (35437) - Margarita, 4" x 6" Cards (64010) - JustWrite, Salsa Paper (35421) - Margarita, Caramel Candle Paper (35337) - Confetti, Candles (87649) Ribbon, Decorative Tags (85552) - Bits, Cabana (78051) - Details, Beach Bound (70070) - Flair, Iguana Melon (53193) - Thickers, Sunrise Limeade (53179) - Thickers

"This layout come together quickly using the Margarita line! The bright yellows, oranges, and blues worked perfectly with some photos I had taken at Pensacola Beach last year. I used two square pictures and one rectangular picture but still had plenty of room for the colorful Flair accents!"

Happy---Layout Supplies: Ash (71078) - Cardstock, White (71081) - Cardstock, Suzie Strawberry Paper (35330) - Confetti, Holy Moly Paper (35391) - Peachy Keen, Brilliance Paper (35415) - Hello Sunshine, Happy Birthday to You (70065) - Flair, Candles (87649) - Ribbon, Fellow Fog (53175) - Thickers, Hooray (70064) - Flair, Large Corduroy Brads (85538) - Elements

"I used a variety of different horizontal lines on this layout from the patterned paper strips on the top and bottom, to the block of white cardstock in the middle, to the punched border lines and the other block of patterned paper across the middle. I also set my three pictures in a horizontal line as well as my title and journaling strips. I placed a couple of pieces of Flair and some matching brads and horizontal strips of adhesive yellow zig zag ribbon."

Bon-Voyage-Card Supplies: Apricot (71031) Cardstock, Tango Paper (35422) - Margarita, 4" x 6" Cards (64010) - JustWrite, Iguana Melon (53193) - Thickers, Candles (87649) - Ribbon, Cabana (78051) - Details

"The JustWrite Margarita journaling cards were perfect for creating a greeting card! I folded the orange cardstock in half, placed a piece of patterned paper on top, then I added a Just Write card, and backed another Just Write card with a piece of Apricot cardstock and layered it on the first card. I used some Thickers and a felt Detail embellishment to complete it!"

Sugar-White-Beach---Layout Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Cozumel Paper (35420) - Margarita, Caramel Candle Paper (35337) - Confetti, Brilliance Paper (35415) - Hello Sunshine, Mambo Paper (35424) - Margarita, Guacamole Paper (35437) - Margarita, Mariachi Paper (35440) - Margarita, Salsa Paper (35421) - Margarita, Tango Paper (35422) - Margarita, Decorative Tags (85552) -Bits, Sunrise Limeade (53179) - Thickers, Beach Bound (70070) - Flair

"I didn't want to overwhelm the simplicity of my photo that I took at the beach last summer so I decided to create a small grid of square blocks and then placed a circle on top of that. I stitched those down horizontally and vertically and then placed various embellishments in the middles of each of them: tags, Flair, and journaling strips. My title went on top of the grid block and my picture went right above the title."

Congrats---Card Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Rocky Road (71466) - Cardstock, Oak Point Paper (35364) - Campy Trails, Sweetwater Cabin Paper (35367) - Campy Trails, Good Morning (42194) - Remarks, Hunting (70066) - Flair, Forest Kale (53161) Thickers

"To make this card, I folded a piece of Rocky Road cardstock in half and then stitched down a piece of White cardstock on top. Another smaller block of patterned paper went on top of that and then I layered a piece of paper and a sticker as a tag for my title. The piece of Flair said “on the Up and Up” and that immediately made me think of somebody that has achieved an accomplishment. This card could be used for someone that has graduated or maybe someone that has moved up in a new job position."

Pin-Wheel-Project Supplies: Rocky Point Paper (35365) - Campy Trails, Powder Point Camp Paper (35368) - Campy Trails, Double Devils Food Paper (35339) - Confetti, Tango Paper (35422) - Margarita, Guacamole Paper (35437) - Margarita, Hooray (70064) - Flair, Suzie Strawberry Paper (35330) - Confetti, White (71081) - Cardstock, Cabana (78051) - Details, Mambo Paper (35424) - Margarita, Beach Bound (70070) - Flair, Fishing (70067) - Flair, Shout (72009) - Delights, Mariachi Paper (35440) - Margarita, Candles (87649) - Ribbon, Cheer Accents (53157) - Thickers, Oak Point Paper (35364) - Campy Trails, Decorative Tags (85552) - Bits, Large Corduroy Brads (85538) - Elements

"These little pinwheels are super easy to make and can be used for virtually any celebration! To create them, you will need a square piece of patterned paper that you cut into at each corner towards the middle. Use a strong glue to adhere down every other point to the middle of the pinwheel. Then you can add many different embellishments for the centers. I used Flair, Details, and Delights. Lastly, you will want to glue a stick of some sort on the back of the pinwheel. To decorate my glass bottles, I simply cut a strip of paper and punched a border on one edge. I wrapped that around the middle of the bottle and glued it down. I used a piece of adhesive yellow zig zag ribon around each one and then placed a small embellishment on the front. I cut out some narrow strips of paper and crushed them all together to create some 'confetti' that I placed in the bottom of each bottle – this provided some stability for the sticks that I placed in the bottle. You could use these as decorations for birthday parties, beach parties dinner table, or as a small DIY home décor project!"

Thanks for sharing your happy and fun summery projects featuring Flair Melissa! We asked her some questions to get to know her better and here are her responses:

How did you get started scrapbooking? 
I started scrapbooking in 2005. My husband and I had just moved back home to Florida from Maryland and I was looking through our wedding photos. Someone had given us a journal type book to include pictures and different things from our wedding planning. I started to glue in some pictures and the thought hit me that someone somewhere would probably have some wedding-themed stickers. From there, it's all history. I quickly discovered this HUGE hobby that included all the things I love: stickers, paper, stamps, etc.

What would you say your scrapbooking “style” is?
I never know how to answer this question. I love the simple styles and I love the detailed styles. I love the clean styles and the grungy styles. One thing that I always do include on my projects are pops of color and stitching from my sewing mchine.

What is your favorite technique? 
Definitely using my sewing machine. Stitching finds its way on usually each and every single one of my layouts and cards. It just gives it a finished look to me :-)

When do you find time to scrap? 
On my off days. My day job is as Team Lead for the Reservation Team at a condominium. We work four 10 hour days and that gives me three days off during the week. Usually at least one and a half of those days is spent scrapbooking!

On average, how long does it take you to complete a project? 
I would say that the average layout takes me about an hour to an hour and a half.

What is your favorite thing about American Crafts? 
The first would definitely be the quality of their product. It is always high quality and well made. Secondly would be the bright colors and themes of their lines! They have a line for everything! Thirdly, my favorite product would be the Thickers! I have piles of Thickers – I use them on almost every project!

Make sure to visit Melissa's blog to see all kinds of scrapbooking goodness!

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