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Birdhouse Tutorial

FINALLY--the birdhouse tutorial!  First, this can be a rather expensive paper project, but I think it is well worth it--a very worthy statement piece for any event...especially if you can get your favorite paper at a discount!

Also, we will be offering a paper only kit (does not include binder ring and embellishments) for this at just $19.99 (regular priced paper is $40), so if you are interested, please email for more information as the paper and styles will vary!


1. You will first cut your paper pieces to 5x8 inches (*ignore the holes, they are pre-punched for the house, but I will tell you when to punch them!).  I used about 50 sheets of paper total, but you can mix and match, keep them all the same pattern, etc.  (It will also take less paper if you make them smaller, but keep them in the rectangular shape for the birdhouse to work!)

2-4. For the 'roof' part of your birdhouse, fold the bottom corner into the center. Then, fold the top corner into the center to create a triangle. Repeat on all of your roof pieces (approx. 25 pieces).

5-6. For the 'body' of the birdhouse, fold the paper in half length-wise.  Then, fold the top corner into the center. Repeat on all of your body pieces (approx. 25 pieces).

7. Punch holes in the top corner area of each folded piece. 

8. Stack them together, roof, then body, roof, then body and so on.

9. Next, take a large binder ring (approx. 1 1/2") and begin to lace it through all the pieces.  This part can be tricky, but once you lace them all through (make sure they are all facing the same direction--meaning that the folds are all on the same side as it goes around) on each side of the binder ring, close the ring and adjust until it is self standing.  (Step 10 will help this also)

10. Cut, from scraps, a circle to place at the bottom of the birdhouse to hold these pieces together.  I prefer using a hot glue gun for this portion of the creating as it has a strong hold and a quick drying time!  Once the birdhouse is lined up properly, glue the circle base to the bottom and stand up.

11-13. Next, cut a square from another scrap piece and roll.  This will be the top of your birdhouse.

14. Also using a hot glue gun, glue this piece to the top middle of your birdhouse and decorate!  I used a button to place right on top, tied some soft ribbon around the topper and added a cute little tag! 

Please let me know if you have any questions on this as I hope it was a good guide for you, but I might have missed something!! Also, don't forget to watch the video (on our previous post) to see other close ups of this project and leave a comment there for a chance to win some Baby Mine!!

-Jodi Sanford

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