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CHA Summer Lookbook Online Social

What looks have our favorite papercrafting vendors been busy sketching and creating for this coming season?  Come and see!

Join us for this 3-day social July 19th-21st as we pore over the latest and greatest in the papercrafting design world!  Walk the show floor with me as I visit the booths at the Craft & Hobby Show in Chicago, taking video and chatting with the designer experts themselves.  Follow along on our event blog as we give fun updates from our travels.  Get chatty with the Garden Girls as they host scheduled hour-long chats.  Create a few styled masterpieces of your own when playing along in our challenges.  Videos, chats, and challenges will have prizes associated with them from our generous vendors - giving YOU the chance to get those beautiful new designs in your hands!

If you're like me, Tuesday isn't soon enough and that's why we're jumpstarting the event with some pre-CHA goodness on Monday.  We'll be publishing the challenges then, giving you some time to prepare and warm up your crafting muscles.

Find everything at your fingertips from the Events section of Classes and Events on Monday.  We hope you'll join us - together we'll drool over the awesome new looks and styles of the season!

***Edited to add:  Here is the official chat schedule!  Earn a badge, enter to win, and catch up with your scrappy friends next Tuesday through Thursday on the CHA message board.  Remember, all times are in Central Standard Time.  Need to calculate the time difference?  Try here!


Rebecca Trump   Shannon Tidwell   Wendy Anderson

Rebecca Trump: 11 am | Shannon Tidwell: 1 pm | Wendy Anderson: 4 pm


Kandis Smith   Margie Scherschligt   Jaime Warren

Kandis Smith: 11 am | Margie Scherschligt 4 pm | Jaime Warren 7 pm


Shimelle Laine   Caroline Ikeji   Jill Sprott

Shimelle Laine: 12 pm | Caroline Ikeji: 2 pm | Jill Sprott  5 pm

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User Comments On This Blog Post

Monica B said...

sounds fun! I can't wait!

7/11/2011 10:12:50 AM

forpahl5 said...

I can't wait either!

7/11/2011 11:17:14 AM

MelissaKaye said...

WA-HOO! I love 2 Peas' CHA coverage!

7/11/2011 12:07:52 PM

scrpnmomof4 said...

ooohhhh...cant wait!!!

7/11/2011 1:16:26 PM

KatieLCavanaugh said...

I am so excited about CHA this year, waiting for next week's fun!

7/11/2011 1:23:31 PM

JBSmom said...

Awesome! thanks for providing the fun!

7/11/2011 2:12:58 PM

JBSmom said...

Awesome! thanks for providing the fun!

7/11/2011 2:12:59 PM

paperpilekitten said...

I'll be there! So much fun! Thank you 2 peas, for hosting these awesome events!

7/11/2011 3:19:26 PM

EAugustin14 said...

Oh I always love 2pea CHA Fun!! Makes me feel like I'm there! :)

7/11/2011 3:26:08 PM

twillis26 said...

sounds like lot of fun!

7/11/2011 3:57:49 PM

camanddanismom said...

Sounds great! Thanks so much!!

7/11/2011 5:35:04 PM

scrappycass said...

Sounds fun! I am looking forward to it!

7/11/2011 5:38:40 PM

jmgesi said...

I love to play along at the online socials. Woo hoo.

7/11/2011 5:56:37 PM

rebecca_lovell said...

Yay! Can't wait!!!

7/11/2011 6:28:25 PM

TWhitney said...

I've been looking forward to CHA! Whoo hoo

7/11/2011 7:31:59 PM

rnpicu said...

Love getting sneak peeks!

7/11/2011 8:16:59 PM

irisz said...

Can't wait!

7/11/2011 9:07:27 PM

Mel T said...

thanks 2 peas, love you....

7/11/2011 10:16:22 PM

sarahmullanix said...

YAY, next Tuesday definitely can't come soon enough!! Hope to bump into you there :)

7/12/2011 8:12:42 AM

cindygeoa said...

It's on my calendar, Jamie!

BTW - love how 2peas used the FP BB as a smashbook!

7/12/2011 9:20:02 AM

tencarnacao said...

Love the CHA events and can't wait to see what's new!

7/12/2011 11:46:31 AM

Tam2 said...

Thanks! : )

7/12/2011 12:52:25 PM

stidwell said...

love the notebook!

7/12/2011 1:05:30 PM

glenys said...

I look forward to your coverage of CHA - always such fun and so comprehensive!

7/12/2011 3:42:52 PM

mjmarmo said...

What fun!!

7/12/2011 7:55:47 PM

laurelsstitchery said...

Can't wait! :)

7/12/2011 9:12:56 PM

sassiescrapper said...

Awesome! Hoping I'll get to play along. :)

7/12/2011 11:59:18 PM

sbookinshay29 said...

omg can't wait! if we're lucky enough to get to go to CHA, will the challenges be open still when we get home??

7/13/2011 12:20:05 AM

amityknight said...

that's fantastic. Can't wait

7/13/2011 4:42:58 AM

ScrappySaraJane said...

Wahoo! Can't wait!

7/13/2011 8:53:13 AM

brandy210 said...

can't wait

7/13/2011 1:35:22 PM

MinnieMe98 said...

i'm sooooo looking forward...can't wait!!! :)

7/13/2011 2:58:27 PM

TexGrl said...

Can't wait!!

7/13/2011 8:15:01 PM

StoryAngel said...

Really looking forward to this!

7/13/2011 10:29:59 PM

Acrobat said...

Definitely hoping to participate! :)

7/14/2011 9:59:17 AM

MrsCarroll51907 said...

YAY!! I can't wait!! =) It's a good thing i only work two days next week.

7/14/2011 2:47:32 PM

scrappypeanut said...

Great! I hope that 2peas will again post what they are ordering and when it is supposed to ship (this was so helpful)!

7/14/2011 10:55:58 PM

sdcowgirl said...

looking forward to all the new stuff and info from CHA.

7/15/2011 12:28:45 PM

sdcowgirl said...

looking forward to all the new stuff and info from CHA.

7/15/2011 12:28:45 PM

hawaiilost said...

OH! I an't wait!!!

7/15/2011 6:23:29 PM

hawaiilost said...

OOPS! Typo...I can't wait!

7/15/2011 6:24:55 PM

baersgarten said...

I can't wait!!!!

7/16/2011 3:32:55 PM

EAugustin14 said...

Count me in :)

7/16/2011 10:07:48 PM

Happy_is_Yellow said...

Sounds like LOTS of fun!!! I can't wait!! :)

7/17/2011 1:14:11 AM

scrapperckj said...

Love the coverage! Thanks for doing this!

7/17/2011 10:07:24 AM

mikklynn said...

I am excited to see new ides for inspiration.

7/18/2011 8:37:37 AM

cbee said...

Can't wait!

7/18/2011 10:24:58 AM

Hoptoit said...

Sounds like lots of fun...I can't wait

7/18/2011 8:00:48 PM

mebarnet said...

Can't wait!

7/18/2011 9:24:41 PM

colour and ink said...

So fun.

7/21/2011 12:48:18 AM

jan509 said...

I'm trying to join in how do I join?

7/26/2011 7:00:07 PM

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