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Guest Designer of the Week: Jenni Hufford

Guest Designer of the Week2 Jenni Hufford is the extraordinarly talented guest designer this week!

2010Hufford-3-1  The way she used Thickers on her 3 layouts, 2 cards, and mini album will inspire you!
ACguestdesign 031 copy Supplies: Nifty Paper (35386 - Peachy Keen, Good Golly Gee Paper (35375) - Peachy Keen, Radiant Paper (35396 - Hello Sunshine, Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Lovely Lady (78047) - Details, Iguana Azure (53192) - Thickers, Fellow Fog (53175) - Thickers, Meadow Popcorn (53166) - Thickers, Sunrise Geranium (53178) - Thickers, Macaw White (53186) - Thickers

"My new favorite source of inspiration is Pinterest! I could spend hours on Pinterest finding countless numbers of inspirational pieces (and then bookmarking them!)  Recently I saw a wall art piece floating around Pinterest with all the sayings in this layout.  I love the meaning behind it and thought it would make for a fabulous scrapbook layout with a picture of my family. I used seven different Thickers styles to highlight the different phrases. I love the typography feel the various Thickers add to the layout!"

ACguestdesign 019 copy Supplies: Stumpy Meadow Paper (35347) - Campy Trails, Fox Park Forest Paper (35353) - Campy Trails, Zippy Paper (35411) - Hello Sunshine, Hot Dog (89397) - Ribbon, Hike (42190) - Remarks, Meadow Popcorn (53166) - Thickers, Margaria Diamond Brads (85549) - Lovely Lady (78047) - Details, 12x12 Sand (71043) - Cardstock, 12x12 Melon (71033) - Cardstock, 12x12 White (71081) - Cardstock
"I created this layout after a recent visit with family at a State Park. Naturally the Campy Trails line was a perfect match for this theme and the colors in my photos. (I may or may not have dressed my son in an orange shirt that day to match this specific line!) I took SO many photos and knew this would be a multi-photo layout. I created a photo grid with eight wallet sized photos and included various American Crafts embellishments, trims, and brads behind the photo grids. For the title I mounted Thickers onto orange American Crafts paper and outlined them with a pen. After trimming, I mounted the Thickers on white American Crafts cardstock and trimmed. This really made the title pop against the photo backdrop!"
ACguestdesign 058 copy Supplies: Meadow Popcorn (53166) - Thickers, Sunrise Geranium (53178) - Thickers, Macaw Sunshine (53188) - Thickers, Iguana Melon (53193) - Thickers, Iguana Azure (53192) - Thickers, Fantastic Salmon (53108) - Thickers, Forest Kale (53161) - Thickers, Sunset Blush (53182) - Thickers, Nutmeg Black (43042) - Thickers, Charming Chap (78046) - Details, 12x12 White (71081) - Cardstock, .03 Black (62311) - Precision Pen

"I made this quick and easy card using the adorable typewriter Details sticker and some odds and ends in my Thickers stash! I always seem to have a few loose letters leftover in a pack and this is a great way to use them up!" ACguestdesign 004 copy Supplies: Iguana Azure (53192) - Thickers, Fellow Fog (53175) - Thickers, Margarita Journaling Cards (64010) - JustWrite, Flamenco Paper (35419) - Margarita, Decorative Tags (85553) - Bits, Sangria Paper (35441) - Margarita

"This photo cracks me up and I couldn't wait to put it in a layout. My two kids and I had spent some time running through the sprinkler and setting the timer to get some fun action shots. I kept checking the view finder to see what the images looked like and that's when I turned to see my daughter doing the same thing on her play camera (checking a pretend viewfinder!) It was so funny and thankfully my camera was already in my hands so I could capture the moment! It really made me laugh and was a great reminder those little eyes are always watching me!! I made a grid with the Just Write Journaling Cards and added a border title with the Thickers. I added a second border around the photo - it was just the right touch to finish the layout."
ACguestdesign 093 copy Supplies: Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Nifty Paper (35386) - Peachy Keen, Peppermint Penny Paper (35343) - Confetti, Bow Tie (89398) - Ribbon, Fantastic Salmon (53108) - Thickers, Serenade Spearmint (53152) - Thickers

"For this card I hand drew a heart and covered it in teal Thickers, then I layered the word "love" on top. It's a neat/different way to add dimension and a pattern to a project! And, once again, a great way to use leftover Thickers in a packet!"
ACguestdesign 071 copy ACguestdesign 078 copy ACguestdesign 120 copy ACguestdesign 123 copy ACguestdesign 103 copy ACguestdesign 107 copy ACguestdesign 113 copy ACguestdesign 118 copy Supplies: Margarita Journaling Cards (64010) - JustWrite, Decorative Tags (85553) - Bits, Empanada Paper (35429) - Margarita, Merengue Paper (35438) - Margarita, Tamale Paper (35434) - Margarita, Jovial Paper (35398) - Hello Sunshine, Dandy Paper (35397) - Hello Sunshine, Splendor Paper (35401) - Hello Sunshine, Zippy Paper (35411) - Hello Sunshine, Brilliance Paper (35415) - Hello Sunshine, Spree Paper (35400) - Hello Sunshine, Glow Paper (35408) - Hello Sunshine, Banana Cream Brady Paper (35326) - Confetti, Marley Mocha Paper (35331) - Confetti, Ruby Raspberry Ripple Paper (35345) - Confetti, Deer Creek Paper (35349) - Campy Trails, Black Fork Paper (35363) - Campy Trails, Hike (42190) - Remarks, Hot Dog (89397) - Ribbon, Fox Park Forest Paper (35353) - Campy Trails, Iguana Azure (53192) - Thickers, Iguana Melon (53193) - Thickers, Meadow Popcorn (53166) - Thickers, Sunrise Geranium (53178) - Thickers, Rockabye White (42954) - Thickers, Forest Kale (53161) - Thickers, Rockabye Powder (42955) - Thickers, Macaw White (53186) - Thickers, Macaw Sunshine (53188) - Thickers, Sunset Blush (53182) - Thickers, Nutmeg Black (43042) - Thickers, Subway Bubblegum (43150) - Thickers, Rockabye Taffy (43029) - Thickers, Lovely Lady (78047) - Details, 12x12 White (71081) - Cardstock, 12x12 Sapphire (71074) - Cardstock

"Right now, it's VBS (Vacation Bible School) week for my kids and I thought it would be perfect to create a little mini album for them highlighting the Creation Week (as found in Genesis 1) to compliment with what they are learning at VBS. I had SO much fun putting this together and it was so fun to use the American Crafts products in a creative way in order to coordinate with each day of Creation's theme. I used many different kinds of Thickers for each day's title and description. My kids LOVE this and they are learning at the same time!"

We asked Jenni some questions to get to know her a little bit better and here are her responses:

How did you get started scrapbooking?
I was first introduced to the hobby by my mom when I was in high school. She surprised me with three huge scrapbooks of my birth until high school at my high school open house. It was SO neat to look through the books at my life-time memories. It wasn't until I had my first child five years ago that I began to scrapbook. When he was born he had some unexpected complications and spent 12 days in the NICU (everything turned out fine). Once we were home safe and sound, I was left with so many thoughts and stories I wanted to document and share, so I began to scrapbook. In a sense, scrapbooking was my therapy as I process those 12 days.  I have been scrapbooking ever since.

What would you say your scrapbooking “style” is?
Describing my style is so hard for me to do - I feel like it's always changing. But, at the moment I would say I am really into textures, details, grids, and layering. You will usually find staples somewhere on my layouts and always handwritten journaling.

What is your favorite technique?
Like my style, I feel like my favorite techniques are always changing - right now I am really enjoying misting - there is so much you can do with a bottle of mist! I also LOVE punches and my circle punch. I probably use it too much, but there is a special place in my heart for circle punch grids.

When do you find time to scrap?
I stay at home with our 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter so I usually scrap either in the evening or while my daughter is napping (while my son is at school), but the summertime is a whole new ball game and is a little trickier!

On average, how long does it take you to complete a project?
A project can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours! Much of it depends on how inspired I am for the particular projects. I have had times where the layout just falls into place easily and there are times where I feel like I am pushing paper around and nothing looks right. Usually when that happens I step away from my craft desk and do something different. After a little break I usually come back refreshed with ideas and inspiration.

What is your favorite thing about American Crafts?
Do I have to pick just one?? There are so many things I love about American Crafts, but if I had to choose one I would have to say the Thickers!! I have a CRAZY amount of Thickers in my stash - yet I always seem to need (want) more.

Make sure you stop by Jenni's blog to see all kinds of wonderful creations and inspiration - you'll be glad you did!

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