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Guest Designer of the Week: Mandy Koeppen

Guest Designer of the Week
I'm excited to introduce our Guest Designer of the Week: Mandy Koeppen!

MandyKoeppen Her family-themed layouts, cards, and projects are going to leave you with a smile on your face and have you rushing to your scrapspace to get working!

AC2pager Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Good Golly (70068) - Flair, Frisbee (78038) - Details, Journaling Cards (64010) - JustWrite, Brilliance Paper (35415) - Hello Sunshine, Iguana Melon (53193) - Thickers, Empanada Paper (35429) - Margarita, Long Variety Tags (85530) - Bits

"I love all those bright colors and fun patterns of the Margarita line so what better way to use those products then to document all my family's sweet summer time happenings that we will miss when the snow starts flying here in Michigan in just a few short months again."

ACsistersloveSupplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Gee Whiz Paper (35383) - Peachy Keen, Bliss Paper (35395) - Hello Sunshine, Fluttery Paper (35417) - Hello Sunshine, Good Golly (70068) - Flair, Forest Vanilla (53162) - Thickers

"My silly girls are always bickering back and forth but all that gets set aside if something happens or someone else messes with one of them the other is always there. It's crazy how they can bicker one minute then be so loving and besties the next. The title says it all - it truly is a love of a sister."

ACGUESTLAYOUT3 Supplies: Good Golly (70068) - Flair, Forest Vanilla (53162) - Thickers, Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Neat-O Paper (35392) - Peachy Keen, Jitter Paper (35373) - Peachy Keen, Stumpy Meadow Paper (35347) - Campy Trails, Snake River Paper (35352) - Campy Trails, Oak Point Paper (35364) - Campy Trails, Gossamer Paper (35409) - Hello Sunshine, Dusk Paper (58673) - Hello Sunshine, Fluttery Paper (35417) - Hello Sunshine, Empanda Paper (35429) - Margarita, Frisbee (78038) - Details, Super Swell (42193) - Remarks

"This layout came together super quick and easy. I decided to use the 2 in the together rather than changing the title all together after running out of t's. I really like creating layouts using little bits and scraps that I have leftover after completing projects and this is one of those layouts. I didn't realize 'til my husband read the journaling then looked at the layout again that the bumps down in the bottom and the hot air balloon at the top actually go great with the journaling about life's journey and its ups and downs."
ACbirthdaycards Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Suzie Strawberry Paper (35330) - Confetti, Holly Hazelnut Paper (35323) - Confetti, Peppermint Penny Paper (35343) - Confetti, Brilliance Paper (35415) - Hello Sunshine, Sunnyside (72010) - Delights, Sunrise Geranium (53178) - Thickers, Iguana Melon (53193) - Thickers

"One look at the Confetti line it screams birthday cupcakes and that’s how the idea of these cards came about. The cute Delights used with the strips at the bottom of the pattern paper remind me of sparkling candles. Simple easy and fun!"

ACthankyoucard Supplies: Samba Paper (35442) - Margarita, Ned (43130) - Minimarks

"Love this paper - it screams fussy cut and layer up to me. Add a rub on from my stash and you have a really quick card to put a smile on someone's face."

ACbrushhyourteeth2 Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Antonio (42196) - Remarks, Stumpy Meadow Paper (35347) - Campy Trails, Havana Paper (35435) - Margarita

"'Brush your teeth!' I don't know about you, but in my house I repeat that phrase every day at least 2-3 times. I'm pretty sure my kids think summer break means a break from all things, even brushing your teeth. So to remind them I made this cute little wall art with the awesome Antonio Remarks. I love the bright colors and they work great in a bathroom that belongs to two little girls. Now every time they are in the bathroom they are reminded to scrub their pearly whites."

ACtagframe Supplies: Decorative Tags (85553) - Bits, Margarita Diamond Brads (85549) - Elements

"Framed tag art is a simple way to add some fun and bright colors to our sitting room this summer."

Here's a little questionnaire to get to know Mandy even better:

How did you get started scrapbooking?
I was given a pad of 12x12 paper at my first child's baby shower. I made a little mini album filled with Teagan's first photos and that was it. I picked scrapbooking up again after Mav was born but with two children under two I was way too busy so I gave it up again. Then in 2006 within months of Avery's birth Mav was diagnosed with Autism and I needed something for me, something to get those emotions out and be able to deal with all the things I was going through - a sort of therapy without having to go lay on some couch to talk to a total stranger. So I turned to scrapbooking again, this time a whole new spark was lit in me. Since then I have had this passion for documenting our lives and stories in this fun and creative way called scrapbooking!

What would you say your scrapbooking “style” is?
My style? This a question I always stumble with because I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda gal. When I create I just go with the flow. If it comes to mind and I can make it work I'm good with that. I always focus on my photos and add paper and bits that fit so today I'm going to say I'm a 'Modern Paper Piecing Mix'. No there is no definition for that in the dictionary and google probably can't find it out there on the web either but if you could find it I'm pretty sure you'd say, "Yep, that's totally her style".

What is your favorite technique?
To be honest I don't consider myself super techniquey. I wish I were but I'm not. I'm not sure this is really a technique but I love to use a mix of photo sizes on my layouts as you can see in my work posted here.

When do you find time to scrap?
Ha this one made me giggle a bit because scrap time varies especially during the summer with all three kiddos home. I always seem to find time whether it's during the kid's movie time, when my hubs gets home, on the weekends, or when my night owl habits kick in I always find some time to scrap. Sometimes the kiddos come create with me or they watch a movie on the laptop while I create.

On average, how long does it take you to complete a project?
I usually can get a layout done in 30 minutes to an hour. After an hour if it's just not working I move on. Altered stuff and mini albums usually take 30 minutes to a few hours. I usually have something in mind when I go to create. Most of the time that is never how it comes out but it's a good place to start.

What is your favorite thing about American Crafts?   
I must admit I have loved American Crafts for awhile and have a nice stash of AC items. I love the products, patterns, colors, and quality AC products have year after year. As for a favorite product American Crafts I have so many so I'll narrow it down to my top three: Precision Pens (the best), Flair (so cool), and Thickers are AWESOME I absolutely love love love the Lullaby thickers it's my number #1 fav font!

Visit Mandy's blog to learn even more about her and take in her fresh style!

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