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Guest Designer of the Week: Marcy Penner

Guest Designer of the Week Today marks the first of our four Facebook Weekly Guest Designer winners! I'm excited to share with you the talent of Marcy Penner!

Avatar 200px In addition to three layouts with 5+ photos, she created an extra layout plus a wonderful card - take a look:
Ac daily walk 475px Supplies:  Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Dreamy Paper (35385) - Peachy Keen, Nifty Paper (35386) - Peachy Keen, No Sweat Paper (35378) - Peachy Keen, Cool Cat Paper (35389), Made in the Shade Paper (35379) - Peachy Keen, Good Golly Gee Paper (35375) - Peachy Keen, Easy as Pie Paper (35393) - Peachy Keen, Good Morning (42194) - Remarks, So Nice (70068) - Flair, Charming Chap (78046) - Details, Hello Sunshine Reinforced Decorative Tags (85547) - Bits, Peachy Keen Buttons (85541) - Elements, Fellow Sherbert (53173) - Thickers

"Whenever I have more than 2 photos to fit on a page I tend to print them out wallet-sized. Here I had a bunch of photos from an evening walk during our Florida holiday and sized them to 2x3 to fit them all on one page. I loved the Hello Sunshine tag with the birds lined up... it totally fit the theme of this page."

Ac good golly miss molly 475px Supplies: Cool Cat Paper (35389) - Peachy Keen, My Oh My Paper (35376) - Peachy Keen, Oh So Dandy Paper (35372) - Peachy Keen, My Darling Paper (35390) - Peachy Keen, Holy Moly Paper (35391) - Peachy Keen, Easy as Pie Paper (35393) - Peachy Keen, Good Golly Gee Paper (35375) - Peachy Keen, Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Made in the Shade Paper (35379) - Peachy Keen, So Nice (70068) - Flair,   Twist (72008) - Delights, Peachy Keen Plastic Rose Brads (85539) - Elements, Peachy Keen buttons (84057) - Elements

"As soon as I saw the 'Good Golly' Flair badge in the Peachy Keen collection I knew I had to use it on a page about my daughter. Her name is Molly and the phrase 'Good Golly Miss Molly' has followed her throughout her life. I really love the color sheme of the Peachy Keen collection... a little girly, but lots of greys and browns too. Perfect for my little tomboy."
Ac i miss you dearly card 475px Supplies: Spiffy Paper (35380) - Peachy Keen, Made in the Shade Paper (35379) - Peachy Keen, Charming Chap (78046) - Details

"This card came about from the typewriter Details sticker. I knew it would be perfect on a card with a 'drop me a note' kind of sentiment. I usually keep my cards super simple, and this one is no exception."
Ac love notes 475px Supplies: Dreamy Paper (35385) - Peachy Keen, Cedar River Trail Paper (35359) - Campy Trails, Holy Moly Paper (35391) - Peachy Keen, My Oh My Paper (35376) - Peachy Keen, Oh So Dandy Paper (35372) - Peachy Keen, Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Cool Cat Paper (35389) - Peachy Keen, Super Swell (42193) - Remarks, Peachy Keen Buttons (84057) - Elements, So Nice (70068) - Flair

"On this one particular evening my son was tired and hot and when that happens he just kinda shuts down and becomes a mama's boy. It had been a long day on vacation. He stopped to organize some leaves and spelt out 'Love Mom'. A little snuggling and he was back to normal. Tried as I might I couldn't get 'leaves' to work on this page so I added a woodgrain print mat to the photo instead. I stuck the 'The Details' stickers to cardstock so I could lift the edges and add dimension."
Ac remotes 475px Supplies: Fruit Punch Frannie Paper (35325) - Confetti, Silver Lake Trail Paper (35346) - Campy Trails, No Sweat Paper (35378) - Peachy Keen, Jitter Paper (35373) - Peachy Keen, Oh So Dandy Paper (35372) - Peachy Keen, Elk Creek Trail Paper (35354) - Campy Trails, Doll Waterfall (53169) - Thickers, Hello Sunshine Reinforced Decorative Tags (85547) - Bits, Dear Borders (53176) - Thickers

"I love banners. But I love using them in little pieces. I trimmed off the chipboard banner and used just a portion of it to underline my focal photo."

Marcy fills us in on a little bit more about her:

How did you get started scrapbooking?
I started scrapbooking shortly after my daughter was born (way back in 1999) but not with conventional supplies... just with little stickers, handdrawn titles, and four shades of solid colored copy paper! In 2002 I opened up my own scrapbook store and delved into all the fun products I could find. I really found my groove and style in 2008 and have gone at it hard-core ever since.

What would you say your scrapbooking “style” is?

Simple with a touch of whimsy and a bit of layering.

What is your favorite technique?
Sewing and using drops of mist (though that's not complicated enough to call a technique!)

When do you find time to scrap?
During the afternoons when the kids play or in the evenings. My kids are starting to go to bed later and later (and I'm getting older and older) so it's usually not too late into the night.

On average, how long does it take you to complete a project?
By looking at my pages you'd think they'd come together quite quickly, but they don't. Usually 1.5-2 hours per page probably.

What is your favorite thing about American Crafts?
I've loved American Crafts for a long time! I hoard the fabric Thickers like no one's business. I'm also hopelessly addicted to their papers and Flair!

Marcy's blog
is eye-catching and inspirational - make sure you stop by and say hi!

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