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Guest Designer of the Week: Julie Bonner

Guest Designer of the Week2
Our next fabulous guest designer is Julie Bonner!

Me She created three layouts, two cards, and one ultra cute frame, and on each of them you'll find a round element to go along with the theme of the week!

Ac1Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Stumpy Meadow Paper (35347) - Campy Trails, Big Pine Creek Paper (35369) - Campy Trails, Powder Point Camp Paper (35368) - Campy Trails, Twin Lakes Paper (35360) - Campy Trails, Gossamer Paper (35409) - Hello Sunshine, Notecards (64009) - Justwrite, Super Swell (42193) - Remarks, Hike (42190) - Remarks, Good Morning (42194) - Remarks, Peachy Keen Buttons (85541) - Elements, Pine Borders (53167) - Thickers, River (78044) - Details, Rootbeer Float Brown (42734) - Thickers, Forest Kale (53161) - Thickers, Meadow Mediterranean (53165) - Thickers, Tangerine Medium Brads (85083) - Elements, Carrot Mini Brads (8479) - Elements

"I LOVE title work and the mix of fonts and colors that Thickers come in always offers so many fun possibilities. Here I used three different Thickers and separated them with little rows of colored brads. This is a great way to add a little structure to title work positioned in white space on your page. Also, you might notice the fun decorative frame around the picture. I loved the look of the postcard-edged journaling card in the JustWrite Journaling Cards, but it wasn't large enough to frame my picture. So I decided to overlap two cards and adhere the photo on top. Then I went back amd embellished a bit where the two cards met."

Ac6Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Thing of Beauty Paper (35370) - Peach Keen, Cool Cat Paper (35389) - Peachy Keen, Jitter Paper (35373) - Peachy Keen, Peachy Keen Decorative Tags (85543) - Bits, Super Swell(42193) - Remarks, Lovely Lady (78047) - Details

"I fully admit to not being the most experienced card maker, however using the American Crafts Details embellishments was a super easy way to add some serious 'pizzazz' to my card with little work on my own part. The flowers layered upon each other, along with a tag and sticker sentiment, created a fun cluster of eye candy on this simple circle card."

Ac2Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Nifty Paper (35386) - Peachy Keen, Holy Moly Paper (35391) - Peachy Keen, No Sweat Paper (38378) - Peachy Keen, Sweet On You Paper (35374) - Peachy Keen, Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Lovely Lady (78047) - Details, Charming Chap (78046) - Details, Peachy Keen Buttons (85541) - Elements, Good Afternoon (42195) - Remarks, Good Morning (42194) - Remarks, Super Swell (42193) - Remarks, Peachy Keen Decorative Tags (85543) - Bits, Peachy Keen Corduroy Brads (85538) - Elements, Text Ash (42982) - Thickers, Sunrise Geranium (53178) - Thickers, Meadow Popcorn (53166) - Thickers

"I seldom get pics of myself with my children because like many other scrapbookers out there, I seem to be the one behind the camera all the time :) Recently I have made a better attempt at using the timer on my camera and was able to get some cute pics of my son and I. I had fun with this layout, adding bits and pieces of embellishments here and there, and also a few pops of pink to brighten up the yellow and grey color scheme. You may notice my faux stitched border around the circle. While I love sewing on layouts, sometimes a hand-drawn border can be just as effective. To create this circle border, I drew a circle with breaks in it every few inches. Then I went back and drew in some zigzags. This is an easy way to add the look of a bit of stitching, without actually having to break out that sewing machine or your needle :)"

Ac5Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Buttercream Bobby Paper (35338) - Confetti, Holly Hazelnut Paper (35323) - Confetti, Frankie Fudge Paper (35342) - Confetti, Red Velvet Richie (35340) - Confetti, Cake (78042) - Details, Pinata (42187) - Remarks

"I couldn't resist using one of the American Crafts felt cupcakes on a card!!! I used the cupcake as my focal point and mounted it on a scalloped circle backing. The first scalloped circle is a punch, but to create the second I simply adhered my pink circle to brown paper. Then I used my old school decorative scissors (from my early days of scrapbooking) to cut around the pink circle. This gave me a nice thin scalloped circle border around the pink circle. So if you have any of these in your stash, be sure to break them out - they are great for adding some small decorative touches here and there!"

Ac3Supplies: White (71081) - Cardstock, Cool Cat Paper (35389) - Peachy Keen, Timberline Resort Paper (35357) - Campy Trails, Glimmer Paper (35407) - Hello Sunshine, Good Afternoon (42195) - Remarks, Good Morning (42194) - Remarks, Super Swell (42193) - Remarks, Sunbeam (72011) - Delights, Just Dandy (82304) - Mementos, Hello Sunshine Decorative Tags (85547) - Bits, Sunrise Limeade (53179) - Thickers, Peachy Keen Buttons (85541) - Elements, Peachy Keen Corduroy Brads (85538) - Elements, Hello Sunshine Pearl Brads (85545) - Elements

"This picture of my son and my husband just melts my heart. I knew I wanted to showcase it on a layout with papers and embellishments that felt soft and airy - yet still masculine. I chose a mix of greens, blues, and greys for the papers and added in a few embellishments that coordinated. I had a bit of fun with the large circle in this layout - I made the frame a bit offset, becoming thinner towards the picture. Also, I used some brown paper and my decorative scissors to add some scalloped edging around parts of the circle."

Ac4Supplies: Dreamy Paper (35385) - Peachy Keen, Mother Always Says Paper (35388) - Peachy Keen, Fancy Free Paper (35377) - Peachy Keen, Nifty Paper (35386) - Peachy Keen, Easy Peasy Paper (35382) - Peachy Keen, Good Golly Gee Paper (35375) - Peachy Keen, Peachy Keen Buttons (85541) - Elements, Lullaby Charcoal (42597) - Thickers

"I am a HUGE collector of quotes and poems. I think it all stems back to my mother who loves them as well, and has always seemed to find just the right one for me when I have needed it. Over the years we have shared many with one another and one of my favorite things to do is to display them in frames. Although this project was simple, I love how easily it showcases one of my favorite quotes. The sun was created with a circle, handcut rays, and a few buttons. Then I typed up the quote and added in some of the gorgeous Lullabye Thickers for the final word." 

Here's a little questionairre Julie filled out for us for you!

How did you get started scrapbooking?
I've always been one to collect photos, ticket stubs, articles, postcards, etc. and store them in albums - but it wasn't until after my wedding that I actually created a scrapbook as we know them today. Armed with just a few simple supplies, I created three scrapbooks of our wedding for ourselves and our parents. When our first son was born a few years later, I became totally addicted to the hobby and just threw myself into creating on a regular basis :)

What would you say your scrapbooking “style” is?
I think overall my style is simple and structured. I do like to add a bit of layered embellishing here and there, but I think my layouts always possess a balance to the overall design. Before I create a layout I always sketch out my layout idea on paper or in my head. I piece together the entire layout, tweaking things a bit. Then, if everything seems to flow right, I adhere everything down.

What is your favorite technique?

I love to try new techniques and am constantly changing what my current favorite is. Right now I LOVE the look of stitching on my layouts, whether I hand-stitch, machine-stitch, or simply do a bit of faux stitching.

When do you find time to scrap?
I am definitely a late night scrapper and can easily work until the wee hours if I am really enjoying a project. With two kiddos under the age of five, very little gets done during the day except being mommy :) I love the little "me time" at the end of the evening when I can work in my scrap room and enjoy a bit of creative freedom.
On average, how long does it take you to complete a project?
Definitely a whole evening at least, which for me is probably 4 to 5 hours. Although my layouts aren't overwhelmingly detailed, I do spend quite a bit of time exploring the design of the page and playing around with all the elements on the page.  

What is your favorite thing about American Crafts?
Hmm... that's easy - THICKERS!!! I have two HUGE drawers of them - one full of colored Thickers and the other full of neutrals. I am a HUGE fan of fonts and typography!!!

Stop by Julie's blog to say hello and check out her awesome designs!

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