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My Two Peas Story

Ohhhh!! What a great day!!!!

So this is how I got to Two Peas!

Today my husband and I had to get up really early drive an hour to go see my sister as they were doing tours at her job. Mean while the town she lives in has a Wal-mart. Recently I have gotten more "crafty" so to say since I'm not working right now. So before going to see my sister, I had some things to get at good old Wal-mart. I bought Martha Stewart glittering glue. It was in a bargain bin on sale and I know her stuff is usually pretty pricey so of course I couldn’t pass it up. BUT me not realizing it was glue because it was so dense in the jar I thought I was getting a huge thing if glittering powder or something. The fine folks at Wally world put a price tag sticker over the glue part and I really was in too much of a rush to actually look at it. So in the cart it went. well after all was said and done and we got home I was putting away all the sewing and scrapbooking stuff, and looked more closely at this great MS Product only to find out its glue. Funny glue. I opened the jar and it has pretty much gelled and I’m not talking like jam jelled I’m talking like jelly gelled. So off to the good old internet to find out exactly what it was that I bought. Well the MS crafts website doesn’t say nothing about what it was except what it says on the bottle. So I search again only to find this great!!! Website! So if any one reads this and has had the same problem could you tell me how you fixed it? Returning it for my money is an option but not the first. Since I was in the bargain bin it was the only one there. Oops! blush My great day ended with being able to put away all my new scrapbooking stuff and Joining Two Peas.  Today I'm very happy!laugh

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