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Embroidered Hoop Chap Tutorial with Michelle Clement

Michelle Clement is going to show us how to make this one-of-a-kind embroidered hoop featuring Chap supplies:



Supplies: Jacob Paper (35568) - Chap, Mike Paper (35572) - Chap, Tim Paper (35577) - Chap, Decorative Tags (77260) - Bits, Epoxy Brads (85568) - Elements, Josh Charcoal (53253) Thickers, Josh Persimmon (53254) - Thickers; Other supplies: Embroidery Thread - Beige Fabric - Embroidery Hoop


Step 1: Trace around the outside of your embroidery hoop with pencil, onto the fabric.

Step 2: Design your message inside this circle, deciding where you want everything to go. Cut out little strips of patterned paper and the tag you want to use (I used the one that says ''You Make My Day'').

Step 3. Using the Chap Thickers as inspiration, we're going to make some letters to stitch! Temporarily, lightly stick the letter you want on a piece of patterned paper and trace it's shape with pencil. Cut the shape out.


Step 4. Adhere the letters to your fabric in their final placement spots, and sketch the rest of the letter details on top of them, if needed.

Step 5. Referring to the Thickers we used to trace the letters, embroider the edges of the letters to mimic the shadows.


Step 6. Cut out a small middle from patterned paper for any of the letters that need it (like my ''O'')

Step 7. Tighten the fabric in the hoop and center it where you'd like it.

Step 8. Cut the excess fabric down to half an inch, and use a hot glue gun to glue it onto the back of the hoop, finishing the edge.

Step 9. Adhere any patterned paper pieces and embellishments onto the fabric and trim the excess.


Step 10. Cut out a thin strip and adhere it to the sides of the hoop for a pop of color.


All done!


Tip: To make this quicker, or if hand-stitching isn't your favorite, simply use the Thickers in place of the letters I made from them. Easy-peasy!

Another fabulous guest designer makes her debut tomorrow!

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