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1 Product, 2 Ways: Saint Nick Ribbon

With the holidays approaching, I love coming up with special cards for close family members that we're not able to actually visit. I'll be the first to admit that only a few people on our holiday card list receive handmade cards—creating and assembling the number we would need to send to everyone would just add stress to my holiday that I'm not willing to take on! I DO love sending them to family members that I know will appreciate the time and effort that I take. I know they understand, and that makes it special to both them and me!

Today, I wanted to showcase a couple of different ways to use the Saint Nick ribbon to create a couple of embellishments.


I used them to create cards, but it would be super easy to use the same technique to create an embellishment for a canvas, project or layout! You will need to be able to stitch either by hand or with a machine to create both of these.


Ribbon Loop Christmas Tree:
Begin by taking the printed twill ribbon from the Saint Nick ribbon pack and cutting 6 pieces that are roughly 3.5" long. Fold each one over to create a loop and stitch across the open end.

I created a card base that was 5"x7" to put my tree on, and chose a tag piece to use as the trunk before layering my ribbon loops. Once the trunk is adhered in the center on the bottom edge, lay 3 of the ribbon loops across, angling slightly to the center. I chose to layer my center piece over the top of the two edge pieces. It looked more balanced to me. Using a liquid adhesive that's good for ribbon, adhere just the top edge of the ribbon loop. This will allow the ribbon to puff out a bit on the paper.

Create the middle layer by laying two ribbon loops across the center, again angling toward the middle. Adhere again just at the top edge. You should start to see your tree shape at this point.

Add the final loop to the top in the center, adhere just the top edge. Embellish with a star at the top, and buttons for ornaments!


Ribbon Wreath:

To create the ribbon wreaths, start by cutting a 12" piece of the printed twill, and a 15" piece of the striped grosgrain. Either using a sewing machine, or by hand, stitch along the top edge using the longest stitch your machine will make by setting it to the largest number. This will create a gathering stitch.

When you're finished stitching, pull just the bottom thread (the single thread if you've handstitched), until you have it gathered enough to create a circle. Once you've pulled it tight enough, tie off the ends and clip the threads.

Create a 7"x5" card base, and apply a circle of liquid adhesive that's made for fabric/ribbon in the center. Adhere the grosgrain ribbon to the circle of adhesive, overlapping the ends. Apply another circle of glue just inside the ribbon circle, and adhere the printed twill. Finish with a bow tied from twine, and a sentiment in the center!

These are a couple of fun ways to create embellishments for your cards or layouts this holiday season!

-Leah Farqharson

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