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Fancy This: 2012 Desk Calendar

It's that time of year when we are busy making gifts for loved ones. Every year, I like to make a calendar for my Dad who lives in the US. I like to try and include a photo taken during the correct month. It's nice for him to get a bunch of photos of us and it's a gift that I know will be used. It's the first time that I've made him a desk calendar. I'll show you how.

Lisa Saunders 2012 Calendar

My Calendar started off as a good solid piece of cardboard. Its the corrugated type. It's strong and holds well. I cut mine from an old box. If you use anything too flimsy it won't hold the weight of the calendar and will fall.

Fancy Pants supplies:
Various Fancy Pants patterned papers
To The Moon: Ribbon
Beach Babe
: Ball Trim
Off To School: Alphas
Various Fancy Pants Journal Embellishments, Rubons, Stickers, Chipboard Pieces and Buttons to decorate.

Other supplies:
strong cardboard
a hole punch and thick twine to tie together
small calendar pages (Off To School: School Year patterned paper would be perfect for this!)

Lisa Saunders 2012 Calendar.jpg 2

I cut my piece of card to the size that I wanted the calendar to be. It measures about 5x7 inches, but it can be slightly smaller or larger if you prefer. I distressed and inked the edges of the card. All of the supplies that I have used on this project have been scraps and leftover embellishments. I figured it would be a great way to use up bits and pieces as it didn't matter if everything matched. In fact it worked better this way as I wanted each month to have a different look.

Lisa Saunders 2012 Calendar.jpg 3

Each calendar month page was cut from a different piece of patterned paper and is slightly smaller than the card. It sits nicely on the card leaving a small edge all the way around. Each page has been inked. The thing I love about using the Fancy Pants patterned papers is that as they are double sided I didn't need to do anything with the backs of the pages. It looked neat and colourful. I just wrote down a few dates, who, why's and where's on the back of each page. The kind of details Grandparents always like to know.

Lisa Saunders 2012 Calendar.jpg 4
I picked up these calendar notes really cheap from a local stationers and tore off each month.
If you haven't got these you can either use a piece of the Off To School: School Year 12x12 patterned paper and cut out the month you require, or there are places online if you search, where you can downlaod calendar months to use.

Lisa Saunders 2012 Calendar.jpg 5

Each page has been decorated with embellishments leftover from previous projects. I have doodled around the edges of each page and all the alphas, photos and embellishments.

Lisa Saunders 2012 Calendar.jpg 7

Once you have finished all 12 pages you can measure up and make 2 holes in the top where the twine will thread through to tie. I have used thick gardening twine. This will hold the calendar together. I have stuck the December page on to the piece of card at the back.

To finish it off, I took a piece of thick ribbon from the To The Moon collection. I stapled it to the top of the cardboard. As the ribbon is very thick it will either stand alone or it can be used to hang up the calendar.

I wanted to cover up the top of the card where I have stapled the ribbon, so I ran along some glossy accents onto the card and stuck on some of the ball trimming. It finishes off the project nicely and covers up the bit you don't want to be seen.

Lisa Saunders 2012 Calendar

Before you stand you finished calendar up, go through each page and fold back carefully and neatly.
Your calendar should now stand firmly alone on your desk.
-Lisa Saunders

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