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Guest Designer: Briana Johnson

Guest Designer of the Week2

This week our guest designer is Briana Johnson - her quilt inspired projects will blow you away!

JbsavatarblackTell us about yourself:
I'm a 31 year old stay-at-home-mama to my sweeties, Zane and Ava. My hubs, Adam, and I have been married 11 years. We live in Oklahoma. I'm trying to decide if I have a "style," but I don't think I would classify my work under any specific style. I really like to change it up depending on what subject I'm scrapping or what "feel" I want the page to have and push myself to try new things. I can definitely say I've been super inspired by quilts lately and that's what I'm sharing with you today. When I'm not scrapbooking I love to hang out with my family, watch classic movies, go antiquing, decorate for the holidays, and read historical fiction books and scrapbook blogs. I'm on the Jenni Bowlin Studio design team. I'm SO excited to be guesting here this week, thank you American Crafts!

How did you get started scrapbooking?
I grew up in a really small town where everyone knew everyone. My in the future mother-in-law invited me to a Creative Memories party and my obsession was born. I was 16 at the time.

What is your favorite American Crafts product?
I would like to say Thickers because they're perfect, nothing else like them, fabulous fonts and materials. But I'm going to have to go with American Crafts' patterned paper. The patterns are gorgeous and colorful and there's such a nice variety of styles from Garden Cafe to Chap to Amy Tangerine, the three lines I used in my projects. Really, that was my way of picking two favorites ;)

Strike a Pose by Briana Johnson

This layout was inspired by a single quilt block. I began with four large rectangles and laid strips of paper out diagonally. I made sure the middle diagonal of each block was the thickest strip so when all the blocks were placed together there would be one dominant X shape to meet and connect the design.

Supplies: Orchid Bistro Paper (35533) - Garden Cafe, Lily's Bakery Paper (35534) - Garden Cafe, Magnolia Market Paper (35536) - Garden Cafe, Rose's Kitchen Paper (35540) - Garden Cafe, Clover Cantina Paper (35537) - Garden Cafe, Cafe Iris Paper (35541) - Garden Cafe, Poppy's Pub Paper (35542) - Garden Cafe, Sign On The Dotted Line Paper (35553) - Amy Tangerine, Rose Ave Paper (35551) - Amy Tangerine, Stars, Stripes, & Stitches Paper (35550) - Amy Tangerine, Custard Black (43224) - Thickers, Eric Corn (53252) - Thickers, Chap Epoxy Brads (85568) - Elements, Garden Cafe Biscotti (72018) - Delights

Inspiration Source

For a Second by Briana Johnson

This layout is comprised of (36) 2" white squares with a quarter circle placed in the corners. I drew the quarter circle in Silhouette (duplicated about 5 times) then let the machine do the work for me as well as cutting all the squares so they would come out perfectly.

Supplies: Work In Progress Paper (35546) - Amy Tangerine, Yes Peas Paper (35549) - Amy Tangerine, Stars, Stripes, & Stitches Paper (35550) - Amy Tangerine, Oh Happy Grey Paper (35565) - Amy Tangerine, Here and There Paper (35562) - Amy Tangerine, The Good Life Paper (35543) - Amy Tangerine, Carnation Corner Paper (35538) - Garden Cafe, Magnolia Market Paper (35536) - Garden Cafe, Cafe Iris Paper (35541) - Garden Cafe, Jim Paper (35567) - Chap, Jacob Paper (35568) - Chap, Chap Epoxy Brads (85568) - Elements, Garden Cafe Savor (42210) - Remarks Books, Lovely Peacock (43245) - Thickers, Hello (59150) - Clear Stamps

Inspiration Source

Birthday Wishes by Briana Johnson

I began by drawing the star shape I wanted in Silhouette. The middle square is 2". Each point is 1". I typed the journaling in Photoshop, printed it, then used the negative star shape from the paper and traced the star shape around the journaling. I used Ali Edwards' digital brushes for the title work.

Supplies: Charcoal (71077) - Cardstock, Cameron Paper (35570) - Chap, Mike Paper (35572) - Chap, James Paper (35574) - Chap, Scott Paper (35575) - Chap, Mark Paper (35576) - Chap, Tim Paper (35577) - Chap, Ben Paper (35578) - Chap, Chap Epoxy Brads (85568) - Elements

Inspiration Source

Hello Card by Briana Johnson

I found a free Wedding Ring quilt pattern online, opened it in Silhouette, and traced the shape to form the curves of my card.

Supplies: Sunflower Deli Paper (35531) - Garden Cafe, Petunia's Pastries Paper (35532) - Garden Cafe, Cafe Iris Varnish Paper (35541) - Garden Cafe, Daisy's Diner Paper (35539) - Garden Cafe, Garden Cafe Savor (42210) - Remarks Books

Inspiration Source


Trinkets & Treasures Cigar Box by Briana Johnson

The lid of my cigar box wasn't in very good condition but the inside was still beautiful. I thought it might work well to use American Crafts paper to create a quilt pattern on the top of the lid to cover the horrendous color it had faded to. After the top was covered I drilled a hole and added a bronze cabinet knob. I ran a strip of chevron paper down the front with one of American Crafts' chipboard frames and added the phrase, "Trinkets & Treasures." This would work well for kids, or for ladies who like to organize their scrapbook supplies in vintage pieces, or would even look nice on a man's dresser for change. Cigar boxes are usually pretty easy to find in antique shops and second hand stores.

Supplies: Petunia's Pastries Paper (35532) - Garden Cafe, Lavender Grill Paper (35535) - Garden Cafe, Mike Paper (35572) - Chap, Jim Paper (35567) - Chap, Dave Paper (35569) - Chap, Man of the House Printed Chipboard Frames (77262) - House

Inspiration Source

Find Briana on her blog to see more of her amazing work and check out her pinterest to see what else inspires her!

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