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My Two Peas Story

PeaNut Number 15

Considering there are now THOUSANDS of PeaNuts - I am quite honored to say that I have been a fan since the beginning... and I do mean the beginning! It's no wonder that this fabulous community exists. Kristina poured her heart and soul into every aspect and I am proud to know her. She has always been a huge inspiration to me and I am so happy to see her dreams become reality.

I met Kristina at an online scrapbooking site shortly after my daughter was born. A group of us managed to get together to chat every single day. It was in that chat room that we learned about the building of Two Peas. A few years later we all managed to meet in person and since shared a few trips with some fabulous memories. Since the beginning, this site has been my number one source for fabulous ideas, inspiration, and learning new techniques. I may not post much - but I always know where to come when I need a creative kick. :O)

Thanks, Kristina, for sharing your truly inspirational style and creative heART with us.

Valoree ~ aka "vern" from the CapChatters

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