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Launch Party Day 2: Garden Theme Round-Up + Giveaway!


"Then & Now" layouts can be doubly interesting in that they give us a chance to reflect on the past while processing the present.  And who doesn't enjoy seeing older photos side by side with newer ones?  These kinds of pages give us a chance to compare and contrast, and to tell a deeper part of our stories.  Today we'll take a look at a batch of pages created with this theme; be sure to scroll to the bottom for Day 2's giveaway as well!

Shannon, Jill and Amy Heller took on the "Then & Now" topic this month.  We love the pages they came up with!

 From Shannon:


 See Supplies & Coordinating Video

"A 'Then & Now' layout doesn't have to span a huge amount of time. With kids big changes happen in just a few short years....or even months. I know we will get a laugh out of this layout when he's 18...what a comparison layout I'll be able to do then!"


Shannon goes on to give some ideas should you decide to scrap this kind of layout too.  She says it could be "...a picture from waaaaay back, or just recent enough to notice a change. Maybe you could do a layout about your weight loss, a child's vocabulary improvements, from dating to married life, or from married to single, hair styles of past & present, or maybe you have a piece of clothing or furniture that is still being used 'then & now'!"


From Jill:


See Supplies

 "Then and Now" layouts, combining photos from the past with those from the present, offer us a chance to reflect on change over time (and sometimes, on what remains the same). For this layout, I paired a wedding photo with our most recent family photo, and as I looked at the two photos side by side, I thought about all that has happened over the last fourteen years, and how much the love in my life has not just endured, but has also grown.



 I selected the accents on the page to mirror the "Then and Now" theme, combining neutral papers and accents that had an aged, vintage, "then" feel, with brighter, more vibrant, "now" colors. I also incorporated items with a homey feel." 

From Amy:


See Supplies 

"This is a project that I created for my beautiful daughter. It's a play on the theme of Then and Now.

I see a lot of myself in my little girl when I was her age. When things don't go according to plan, or as she believes they should go, she gets very frustrated. This was much more of an issue when she was younger, but there are days, for instance on this one, when we went sledding, when everything falls apart for her in an instant.


I tend to scrap as a method of writing love letters in a sense, to my kids. I used this opportunity with my pictures and journaling to let her know that she can miss out on so much if she lets things bother her to such a degree that she gives up. I wanted to show her that I know how hard it is to "let go" of having things perfect and just go with the flow. My husband and son are much better at this. While the focus is on her in the center of my page, I took an image where she and her brother were having a ball sledding, getting along and having fun, to illustrate how much more fun she would have if she chose to decide to let some things go. It's a bit of a sideways twist on Then and Now, but it was something I really want her to visualize for herself in years to come. :) "


The Garden Girls are not the only ones scrapping this theme!  We took a peek through the gallery and found these other awesome examples:


See Supplies

The journaling in this layout by Kelly Goree emphasizes the changes in her son.  She begins every sentence about her "little" boy with "then," and uses "now" when describing the present for her growing son.


See Supplies 

We can't tell if Jody planned this, but how amazing that she captured her daughter in the exact same pose?  By converting her kindergarten and middle school graduation photos to black and white, she further reinforces the similarities between the two photos.  Lovely!



See Supplies 

The enlarged black and white photo next to a smaller one in color adds additional interest to this clean and elegant page by beszteri.

  See Supplies 

Sheri Mae compares her ninth month of pregnancy with a photo of her and her nine month old.  Could this page be any more precious?!


This theme doesn't have to apply only to our scrapbook albums.  Why not try recreating a photo by directing your subjects to pose in the same way?  Including the original print like Stacey Sattler did here makes it extra fun!

We hope you enjoyed today's post on themes!  Each month the Garden Girls take on a seasonal theme as well as any other fun topics they decide to sign up for.  Keep checking back for more!

Now on to today's giveaway, we'll be giving away a $10 gift certificate to the Two Peas store to one lucky commenter!  You have through next Sunday the 18th at 11:59 pm CST to leave your comment.  One comment per person please.  We'll draw and announce the winner next Monday.  IF you're viewing this on Two Peas, you'll want to be sure to comment here on our Typepad post.  And don't forget yesterday's giveaway is open through Sunday as well.  Good luck!

Today at Two Peas:

* It's Tuesday!  Each week on this day the Two Peas digital designers release a new batch of digital kits.  See the 17 new kits here!

* Kitty shares what products are new and hot in her Weekly Warehouse Walk video.  Her video is being filmed this morning and will be posted later this afternoon on her video series page here.

* Deal of the Day: 50% off Tim Holtz stamps


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