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Fancy This: Easter Baskets

Vicki Fancy this project

Spring is in the air, and Easter and May Day are just around the corner. Every Spring I make little peat moss baskets with twig handles. For these I used the slightly larger peat moss cups and Fancy Pants Summer Soul line for a bright and whimsy spin on things. They are easy to make, and I'd love to show you how. Here is what you'll need to get started.
Fancy Pants Supplies:
Summer Soul: Hula patterned paper
Summer Soul: Scuba patterned paper
Summer Soul: Luau patterned paper
Summer Soul: Buttons
Summer Soul: Chipboard Banners

Other Supplies:
peat moss cups (from most any garden center)
hot glue gun
natural floral grass, moss or Easter grass
white paint or gesso
colored Mist (optional)
barbeque skewers or dowels
circle punch
circle shaped die (optional)
Lets get started:
1) First you'll need your peat moss cups set up on a surface you can paint on. These come in number of different sizes. The ones I used here are the slightly largers ones. About 4 inches high.
Vicki step 1
2) Next brush on a light coat of white paint or gesso. Remember these cups are bio degradable, so you want to get them really wet. I like the look of a lighter coat anyway :)
Vicki Step 2

3) Next.. add a little color. I sprayed on Tattered Angels Chalkboard paint to add some fun color to mine, but you could also just choose to paint them with any color of acrylic paint (instead of the white). 
Vicki step 3
4) It's very important to make sure your pots are completely dry before these next steps. Punch or cut circles from a number of different patterns of papers from the Summer Soul line.  
Vicki step 4

5) Hot glue the circles randomly around the outside of the pot. Add buttons to the centers of the circles. (I added string to the buttons)
Vicki step 5

6) To make the handles for your pots, you can do a couple of different things. This time of the year new twigs are very pliable, so they will work great. I love when they have little buds on them too ( so cute). But, a helpful hint , if you need twigs when the weather is not so good, is to use a small grapevine wreath. I just snip the pieces that hold it tight, and let it open up some. Then I can break off what I need, and just stick it back in a zip lock until I need it again. The good thing about using this for basket handles, is that it's already in a rounded form. Using your hot glue gun attach the twigs to the inside of the pot on two sides, to create a little handle.
Vicki step 6
7) Next, use your left over paint to put a quick coat on your dowels or bbq skewers. (I like bbq skewers from the grocery store, because they are the perfect size for things like this.. and so inexpensive :).
Vicki Step 7

8) Once your skewers are dry, adding your pennant pieces is so easy. Since they have adhesive backs, all you have to do it peel off the backs of two like shapes, and sandwich them together with the skewer in the middle, as shown below. * I did the other basket just slightly differently, using the skewers as poles to hang the banners from them on string.
Vicki step 8
9) This last step is optional. I used some of my beautiful paper pieces to cut round die cut pieces to set my baskets on. You can easily attach them to the bottom of your baskets with hot glue if you like.  If I am making a lot of baskets at once like I usually do. Adding that base helps keep them more stable while you are driving around delivering them. Picking up rolling jellybeans from the floor boards of the car is never fun.
Vicki step 9


Vicki Fancy this project
I hope you are inspired to make some little baskets of your own.  A fun Springtime project, that the kids could even help with. Thanks for stopping by!

-Vicki Chrisman

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