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Wait For Me Hawaii!

"Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact." - William James


I love summer because it is a time I can spend a vacation with my cousins. We all love to go to the beach and play beach volleyball while are parents are busy grilling our favorite kabobs. I am really excited for the next weekend as we go to Hawaii and stay to the house of my aunt for a week. Last night I have packed all the things I'll need especially the camera that must not forget to bring.

My Mom said that it is too early to pack, but can she blame me if I missed my cousins a lot. I will not dare forget my notepad on our trip. I'd like to document my vacation as much as possible and create a new scrapbook with a beach-summer theme!

I just finished my scrapbook containing my childhood photos, but most of the content are my compilation of quotes. What else, I keep thinking of what things will keep me busy after the vacation. Well, scrapbooking might take most of my busy days. For now, let's enjoy burger for a snack...

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