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Hi everyone I am new to all this but I found out something that may help anyone who has a Wish blade and is trying to run it on windows 7, I bought a new pc and tried to load my Wish blade cd on it and there was no way it would work with the machine,

I then got to thinking.The Wish blade and Silhouette are the same machine all the internal gizmo`s are the same.and they read the same GDS files.the only thing that changed really is the plastic cover.

Both machines are made by the same company. so I went to the Silhouette studio homepage  and downloaded the free studio software for Windows 7. gritted my teeth and went for it. found a GDS file downloaded it and pressed CUT,

IT WORKED and is easy to use. every free GSD file I have downloaded and cut has worked. also things I have designed myself.

I hope someone else will try this and it may help anyone who has had problems,

Happy Crafting

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