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Summer Mini Album Tutorial by Leslie Ashe

Leslie Ashe is going to show us how to make this mini album step-by-step, page-by-page, cover-to-cover:


Supplies: Kraft Cardstock (710464) – AC Cardstock, Bailey’s Brush Paper (35675) – Sketchbook, Sadie’s Story Paper (35695) – Sketchbook, Cindy’s Sketch Paper (35680) – Sketchbook, Gwyneth’s Graph Paper (35694) – Sketchbook, Coronado Paper (35728) – Shoreline, Ventura Paper (35731) – Shoreline, Biscayne Paper (35720) – Shoreline, Neptune Paper (35729) – Shoreline, Edgewater Paper (35739) – Shoreline, Catalina Paper (35730) – Shoreline, Pacific Beach Paper (35737) – Shoreline, Oceanside Paper (35727) – Shoreline, 6x6 Paper Pad (35658) – Neapolitan, Gardenia Stickers (42230) – Remarks, Sandpiper (42247) – Remarks, Pelican (42248) – Remarks, Flamingo (42249) – Remarks, Paint (42242) – Remarks, Draw (42244) – Remarks, Pigment (42241) – Remarks, Palette (42240) – Remarks, Doodle (42243) – Remarks, Shoreline Die Cut Shapes (85585) – Bits, Amy Tangerine Die Cut Shapes (85585) – Bits, Sketchbook Fabric Brads (85578) – Elements, Sketchbook Chapter (76224) – Daybook, Surfboard (85584) – Delights, Wooden Buttons (78073) – Elements, Cascade Boardwalk (53363) – Thickers, Honeycomb Boardwalk (53364) – Thickers, Cascade Scene (53341) – Thickers, Silver Scene (53340) – Thickers, Square Foam Tabs (AMF617-10) – This To That Adhesive, Circle Foam Tabs (AMF617-09) – This To That Adhesive


1) Gather your photos (I used wallet-sized) and supplies.

2) Cover each wooden piece with patterned paper. Use an exacto knife to cut around edges for a clean look. You can use a nail file to soften the edges. You’re also going to poke holes at the top of your album so each page can be bound with 2 rings
3) Using an Amy Tangerine Daybook – take out the pages you want to use for your album.
- using different Thickers, spell out the title “she sells seashells..."
- add wave of patterned paper at bottom of page, then spell “seashore” on top, using a die cut element as your “o”
- add “by the” in the waves (to mimic surfboards) using small letter stickers, then add quotation marks at the beginning and end of your title
- add a sun die cut to the left and after punching 2 cloud shapes, add them to the right side. You can use a silver pen to detail your clouds if desired.
Page 1:
- trim patterned paper 3.5”x 5” and adhere to right side of album
- trim patterned paper 3” x 4.5” and adhere on top
- using 3D foam dots, add your photo on top, to right
- after die cutting “numbers” in cardstock – add to bottom of photo and to left of photo, onto patterned paper
- cut a circle embellishment in half & add above photo (you’re going to use the other half on page 4, so set aside)
- add “sweet summertime” to top right of photo, then another tiny sticker to left
- using letter stickers, spell out beach name under photo
- add date die cut and place date inside
Page 2: 
- using an insert from the Amy Tangerine Daybook – place photo in center
- add beach sticker element to left side
- spell out a sentiment at top of your photo using letter stickers
- after trimming flower elements from patterned paper, add to your photo, at right; use smaller one on top with 3D adhesive dots
Page 3: 
- using back side of insert from the Amy Tangerine Daybook, place photo to right side of page
- cut more flower elements from patterned paper and place one under photo (barely peeking out), on on top left and a punched circle right in center of photo, then add a brad to center
- place “lovely” sticker to left of photo
Page 4:
- using 3D adhesive squares, place photo to left side of page
- place small square die cut to left side of photo
- add sea/sand/sun die cut element to right side of photo
- add “summer memories” border to bottom of photo, also using 3D adhesive
- remember the circle embellishment you cut in half on page 1? add the other half under photo
- punch 2 more clouds and add above photo
Page 5:
- place the other half of Amy Tangerine Daybook insert at bottom of page
- using some of the same photos, add to center of page – just above insert
- add pinwheel element to right side of photo
- add “relax” tag to left of pinwheel element
- add 3 borders using patterned paper just above photo
Page 6:
- this page is another insert from the Amy Tangerine Daybook – you will only punch 1 hole and I used the right side for my page
- place photo directly in center of page
- punch 3 hearts from patterned paper; place one above photo, one at bottom left of photo and the last one – using 3D adhesive just above, then add button to center
- place ticket under top heart
- using a small border sticker strip – add a piece on heart (by ticket) and the other under photo
Page 7: 
- using backside of insert from Amy Tangerine Daybook, cut patterned paper 4 x 4” and adhere to center of page
- using another insert from the Daybook – add to left side of page, then placing photo on top
- using Thickers, spell out sentiment under photo
- add a round die cut element to left side and wooden button on top of photo (my photo is going sideways)
Page 8:
- using another insert from the Daybook as your background, add 2 more inserts (these are tickets) side-by-side on top
- back photo on patterned paper and using 3D adhesive, add to center of page
- add circle embellishment to right side of photo
Page 9:
- using backside of insert from Daybook – place photo in center of page
- add a doily die cut tag to right side of photo
- spell out sentiment to right side of photo using small letter stickers
- add circle die cut embellishment under
- add tabs on each side of photo
Page 10:
- cut a pattern from Daybook insert (flower) and add to final page of album
- place a round die cut embellishment in center
- place photo to right side of page
- add flower die cut embellishemnt just above
- add “oh joy” sticker next to it
- add “admit two” die cut just above
- finally – add brad to bottom right of photo and journal anywhere you desire on the page
All finished!
We hope you liked seeing how to create this fabulous mini album!

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