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Birthday Photo Album Scrapbook with Monica


I’ve got a secret...I hate scrapping birthdays! SHHHH! Don’t tell my kids! I love planning, decorating, and hosting their parties but with two boys born 12 days apart by the time the end of March rolls around I’m just done. The last thing I want to do is scrap it all. So I’ve come up with a quick and easy way to get the party scrapped. Allowing me to move from the “have to” scrapping to the stuff I want to do! Let’s give a round of applause to...the Birthday Photo Album Scrapbook!!


I found this adorable birthday 2 up 4x6 photo album at Target, but you could use any 4x6 album. Instead of a photo in the front window I decided to put my son’s name and birth info. Then on the title page I added a photo of him on the day he was born and a birthday poem. To find the poem I simply did a google search for birthday sayings. Then I typed it up in Photoshop Elements, added a frame, and printed it out. This album will house birthday memories from birth until my son is 18 (yep I counted and there is enough pages for that)! This poem just reflected that so well.


To keep it quick and easy my album follows the same structure each year. I begin with a title page. This is where I really let the theme of the party take over. But since my canvas is only 6x8 it’s done quickly! Love that! The right side of the page holds two full 4x6 photos, one of the cake and one of the moment where my son blows out the candles. Then the second spread houses the details of the party. Using 4x6 digital templates allows me to get a lot of pictures in a small space. On the left I highlight the people and the activities of the party and on the right I focus on the gifts.


I kept the journaling blocks very simple. Using my digital die cutting machine I cut out the titles so that the paper behind shows through. That way I could cut a whole bunch at the same time (enough for all 18 years in fact...yeah my machine got tired with that one)! To be sure I don’t lose my journaling blocks I stuck the entire set in the last page protector of the book. That way, each year when it’s time to pull the layouts together I know right where to find them.

I’ve got to admit, these little albums have become my new favorite project. Imagine that?!? Going from a topic I hate to scrap to one I love! Awesome!


We love this you-can-do-it approach to a themed album.  Thanks so much for the inspiration, Monica!  You can see more of Monica's work on her blog, and check out her Two Peas gallery as well!

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